We are excited to offer the opportunity to become a GYROTONIC® Level One trainer at MOVE Wellness. This profound and wise system will help you and your clients enjoy moving to get strong and mobile while supporting all the systems of the body. This post will give you all the information you need to know about doing your Gyrotonic training at MOVE.

Gyrotonic classes are designed to take the body beyond its current limitations. People come out of a Gyrotonic class with increased freedom of movement, greater strength and more agility. Gyrotonic exercises are adapted to fit anyone’s ability, from those recovering from injury or living with a disability to elite athletes.

For Pilates teachers, this system enhances what you already know and provides a depth of knowledge of how all the systems of the body work together. It is organized with more fluid movements and sequences that encourage proper biomechanics, breathing and the decompression of the joints of the spine and whole body. The training is a bit more experiential and differs from most Pilates courses. 

The steps in the program are outlined below. There is also a link to the official gyrotonic.com website page where they spell out very specific requirements at each level of training. 

Step 1) Training Pre-Requisites:

Students must take Gyrotonic private sessions or classes before they enroll in the course. We want you to be familiar with all of the Level 1 material before you go to Pre-Training. If that is not possible, there is an option to add three days to the Pre-Training Course. This would have to be coordinated in advance. 

Location: MOVE Wellness or another GT studio with a certified instructor

Dates: Individualized

Cost: Individualized

Step 2) Pre-Training Course:

This is a 6 day course that can be done in 6 consecutive days OR two 3-day segments within 60 days of each other. Typically we do this course over two weekends or three if the extended pre-training is necessary. We meet 9-12 and 2-5pm.

Because we will coordinate this once we know who is interested in the course, we can plan time to do weekly classes leading up to the pre-training OR add the 3-day extension. This will be taught by Pre-Trainer Elaine Economou. 

Location: MOVE Wellness

Dates: Two weekend format 3/8-10 and 4/5-7 

Cost: 1,050 for two weekends/$1575 for three weekends

Studio Fee: $250 for two weekends/$375 for three weekends

Course hours are:

9-12 morning

12-2 break

2-5 afternoon

Step 3) Foundation Course:

The Foundation Course must be taken between one week and three months of the end of the Pre-Training course. Each day there are five hours of training with a mandatory two hour break in the middle. We typically meet 9-12 and 2-5pm. This will be a 12-day course taught by Master Trainer Donna Place. 

Logistics: The course runs for 6 days with day 7 off and then 6 more days. The purpose and description of the course is below which is cut and pasted from the gyrotonic.com website.

Location: MOVE Wellness

Dates: May 13-25 (day off on 5/19)

Cost: $2,100

Studio Fee: $500 

(The course fee is paid to MT Donna Place (@Donna-Place-3) on or before the first day of the course and the studio fee is paid to MOVE at the time of registration. 

Course hours are:

9-12 morning

12-2 break

2-5 afternoon

Foundation Course Purpose

To provide a more in-depth understanding of the Gyrotonic Level 1 curriculum and provide students with the specific skills and techniques needed to teach these exercises to clients. During this course, a Gyrotonic Master Trainer introduces the teaching techniques and principles underlying the Gyrotonic Level 1 exercise syllabus and introduces the complete Gyrotonic, Level 1 exercise curriculum.

In this program students learn to design and teach a progressive sequence of Gyrotonic Level 1  classes on the Gyrotonic Pulley Tower. The 195 hour program is composed of four sequential courses. 

General Notes

  • Students typically begin teaching the Gyrotonic Method in the role of apprentice within 3 months after beginning the program. 
  • It takes approximately 1 year to complete the full program and to become a fully qualified Gyrotonic Trainer.
  • Gyrotonic Trainers are eligible to register for Gyrotonic specialized courses and Gyrotonic specialized equipment courses.
  • Gyrotonic Trainers attend at least one continuing education course every two years in order to expand their skill set and maintain their  trademark license.

Why Do My Gyrotonic Training at MOVE?

  • Experience an in-depth exploration of Gyrotonic principles and level 1 movement sequences under the direction of a skilled Gyrotonic Master Trainer
  • Learn to professionally teach the Gyrotonic Level 1 exercise sequences on the Gyrotonic Pulley Tower
  • Gyrotonic level 1 Trainers have access to specialized Gyrotonic teacher training courses including specialized equipment courses.

Step 4) Apprentice teaching and Apprentice Review Course

Once students successfully complete the Gyrotonic Level 1 Foundation Course, they are considered a Gyrotonic Apprentice. At this stage the Gyrotonic Level 1 Apprenticeship period begins and students can begin teaching the Gyrotonic level 1 exercises they have learned in the role of Gyrotonic Level 1 Apprentice. The apprenticeship license is valid for 1 year. During the one year apprenticeship period, students will finish the Gyrotonic Level 1 Apprenticeship Review Course, complete practice teaching hours, and the Gyrotonic Final Certificate Course. Students must spend a minimum of six months in personal practice and practice teaching before they are eligible to attend the final certificate course. 

The apprenticeship period lasts a minimum of six months and a maximum of one year. During the apprenticeship period, students are required to complete 60 “teaching client” hours and a minimum of 30 supervised Apprenticeship Review Course hours. Apprentices complete their supervised apprenticeship review course hours under the guidance and supervision of a Gyrotonic Master Trainer either in the form of a six day Gyrotonic Apprenticeship Course or by re-taking the Gyrotonic Foundation Course. 

For the Gyrotonic Training at MOVE, we will offer a six day Gyrotonic Apprenticeship Course with Donna Place 

Location: MOVE Wellness

Dates: November/December 2024 TBD with cohort

Cost: $1,050

Studio Fee: $300

(The course fee is paid to MT Donna Place on or before the first day of the course and the studio fee is paid to MOVE at the time of registration) 

Course hours are:

9-12 morning

12-2 break

2-5 afternoon

Step 5) Certification Course

The purpose of this course is two fold. It is an education course and it is also a practical assessment of students’ teaching skills and their understanding of the Gyrotonic Level 1 curriculum. To successfully complete this course, Apprentices must physically execute and demonstrate a proficient understanding of the exercises and principles in the Gyrotonic Level 1 Foundation Course syllabus. Additionally, Apprentices must apply the appropriate verbal cues and physical guidance to a moving person according to the Gyrotonic Level 1 Foundation Course manual.

*Please note, this course is not offered at MOVE Wellness. You can look online and find courses in the US and other countries. Washington DC is a popular place for students to take their final certification.

Location: Your choice (see Gyrotonic website)

Dates: Your choice

Cost: $525

Studio Fee: determined by the host studio


We hope you’ll consider doing your Gyrotonic Training at MOVE. Email us with any questions or to enroll!

The GYROTONIC Expansion System® is a popular movement system that uses specialized equipment and fluid movements to build muscle strength, decompress the spine, and increase your range of motion. It can be made easier or harder to accommodate any age or fitness level.

MOVE Wellness currently offers small group Gyrotonic and virtual Gyrokinesis classes and private sessions at our Ann Arbor fitness studio.

What is Gyrotonic exercise?

Gyrotonic training is a three-dimensional movement system based on the principles of yoga, dance, tai chi, and swimming. The Gyrotonic method uses specialized equipment that helps continuously move the body through fluid, circular movements, with an emphasis on balanced and healthy spinal motion. These exercises build muscle strength, increase circulation, and promote decompression of the spine and joints.

The Gyrotonic method is a refined version of the “Yoga for Dancers” system that Juliu Horvath developed in the 1980s. It is now taught in more than 80 countries around the world. 

MOVE Training Davy Darnton on the GYROTONIC Tower

Gyrotonic vs Gyrokinesis

Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis were developed by dancer Juliu Horvath as refined versions of his “Yoga for Dancers” method and have the same technique, philosophy of movement, and benefits — including increased circulation, balance, muscle strength, and joint mobility,

The key difference between these two movement systems is that Gyrokinesis is done with minimal equipment, primarily on a stool with some standing balance and mat work. Gyrotonic, on the other hand, requires larger pieces of specialized equipment like the Gyrotonic Tower, Gyrotoner, Jumping Stretching Board and Archway. 

Both Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis can be done at our studio in small group classes or private sessions

Learn more about Gyrokinesis here.

Gyrotonic vs Pilates

Both Gyrotonic and Pilates build core abdominal strength, increase flexibility and balance, and are scalable for all skills and fitness levels. However, the movement systems do have some key differences.

Gyrotonic promotes a three-dimensional, circular form using a series of exercises performed with continual motion, using rhythm, repetition, and flow to create gradual change. This movement system focuses on muscles, fascia, the nervous system, and the skeletal system (including joints and spine).

Pilates, on the other hand, promotes a two-dimensional linear form using a prescribed number of repetitions with the idea that the more precise the form, the fewer number of repetitions are required to create change. This movement system focuses on key alignment principles and how the muscular, skeletal, and nervous systems work together to reeducate movement patterns.

Who can take a Gyrotonic class?

Gyrotonic exercises can be done at any age or fitness level. It can be adjusted to be slower and more gentle for clients just beginning their fitness journey or scaled up to be made more challenging for clients who want a more intense workout. 

Why take Gyrotonic classes? What is Gyrotonic good for?

There are many benefits to Gyrotonic exercises:

  • Stronger, leaner muscles 
  • Better joint stability
  • Increased circulation
  • Better spinal mobility
  • Increased range of motion 
  • Better balance 
  • Stronger core 
  • Better coordination of the pelvic floor
  • Improved posture 

Does Gyrotonic build muscle?

Gyrotonic exercises promote strong, lean muscles. 

Do you need special equipment for Gyrotonic classes?

Yes. Gyrotonic exercises are done on weight and pulley-based machines. At MOVE Wellness, we use Pulley Towers, the Jumping Stretching Board,Gyrotoner and the Archway.

This specialized equipment helps you move your whole body through rhythmic, circular spiraling motions, with an emphasis on healthy spinal motion.  


Where can I take Gyrotonic classes?

You can take small group or private Gyrotonic sessions in-person at our fitness studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our experienced trainers will work with you to develop a customized wellness plan so you can have safe and effective workouts that help you meet your fitness goals. 


We are thrilled to announce that MOVE hosted Gyrotonic Master Trainer Donna Place for the Level 1 Foundation Training in August after our own Lauren Miller took trainees through their Pre-Training in June. Now Donna is back for limited private sessions, one special tower class, and a FREE Anatomy Jam. Donna has a wonderful perspective on supporting people as they step into movement work. We’ve all been in such good hands and you won’t want to miss out on this latest training opportunity!

1. Anatomy Jam

  • January 27th, 2023
  • 2:30 – 4pm
  • Free to movement professionals
  • Email us at office@movewellness.com to RSVP
  • Details: Come sip tea and learn some approaches to anatomy that are beyond origins and insertions.

2. Private Sessions and Tower Class

  • Limited spots available January 27th, 2023
  • Fee: $120 for a private session, $55 for the Tower Class
  • These sessions are only open to Gyrotonic Instructors

Information and steps to becoming a Gyrotonic Level 1 Trainer can be found here to help you further understand the process. 

1. Pre-Training: 

  • June 3-5 and June 17-19, 2022
  • Fee: $850
  • Studio Fee: $250 to hold spot

2. Foundation Course:

  • August 15-27, 2022
  • 12 days with a day off on day 7 (8/21)
  • Fee: $1,500
  • Studio Fee: $500 ($400 If paid by April 1)

3. Supervised Review

  • 1/21 – 1/26
  • Fee: $700
  • Studio Fee: $250

4. Certificate Course

To Register:

Please call us at 734-224-2560 or email us to register and hold your space by paying your studio fees to MOVE. Course fees will be paid directly to the trainer.

Master Trainer Donna Place GYROTONIC® Instructor Training

About Donna Place

Donna Place is graduated with a BA in music education from Whittier College in 1987. She spent the next 12 years teaching music, folk dance and physical education, both in college and in elementary schools. Convinced of the necessity of movement in the school system, Donna began studying dance more formally at local studios and the Lewitzky summer dance program. She received her MA in dance studies in 1995 from the Laban School for Movement and Dance in London. During that time she also began studying Pilates with Alan Herdman. After returning to the United States she continued Pilates training with Marie Jos​e Blom and GYROTONIC® training with Mary Halzworth, completing both programs in 1996. 

In 2000 Donna became a GYROTONIC® master trainer and in 2001 she joined the dance faculty at Orange Coast College where she currently teaches kinesiology for dance. Donna travels throughout the United States and abroad teaching anatomy seminars for various movement programs as well as teacher training courses for the GYROTONIC® system. 

MOVE Senior Trainer Lauren Miller

About Lauren Miller

Lauren is a certified GYROTONIC®, GYROKINESIS® and TRX instructor as well as a STOTT PILATES Certified Trainer.

Lauren holds a BA, a BFA and an MS from the University of Michigan and is an accomplished dancer. She spent 8 years with the Ann Arbor Ballet Theatre, 5 years in Chicago as a dancer with JHD2, dance teacher for Park Ridge district, at the Joel Hall Dance Center, as a freelance director, choreographer, performer and (in her own words) a theater tech geek!

Although she has more than 30 years of dance training to her name, when she’s not dancing or helping clients achieve a greater level of fitness Lauren also finds time to pursue her other interests of geology, science education and playing the cello.

Mark your calendars and plan to join us October 1–3 as GYROKINESIS® master trainer, Alicia Head visits MOVE to present a continuing education course for instructors as well as classes open to the community.

GYROKINESIS® Essentials for Instructors

For instructors, we are pleased to offer Alicia’s continuing education course GYROKINESIS® Essentials Part 1: A Journey of Spinal Motions Toward Level 1

  • WHEN: October 1–3, 2021 at MOVE Wellness Studios
  • PREREQUISITE: Certified Level 1 GYROKINESIS® Instructor
  • COST: $175 Studio fee due upon registration, plus $350 course fee to be paid directly to Alicia.
    • Friday, October 1, 12:00–2:00 p.m. and 4:00–7:00 p.m.
    • Saturday, October 2, 10:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. and 2:00–5:00 p.m.
    • Sunday , October 3, 9:00 a.m.–11:00 a.m. and 12:00–3:00 p.m.

This 3-day course is a dynamic and systematic approach to preparing the spine and nervous system for the full formats featured in GYROKINESIS® Level 1. Each format was developed for a 60-to-90 minute class and they can be presented either as a progression or independently. This course satisfies continuing education and update requirements for certified GYROKINESIS® instructors as well as GYROTONIC® instructors who are also certified in GYROKINESIS®.

These GYROKINESIS® formats explore three different aspects of spinal motions — lumbar, thoracic, and cervical. The classes still follow the basic sequencing — Awakening of the Senses, Spinal Motions, and either standing or floor work — but the stimulation to the nervous system is more gentle and gradual. GYROKINESIS® Essentials of Spinal Motions Part 1 is perfect for beginner level students and also for experienced people who enjoy deepening the work. This approach allows us to discover more about the internal process of elongating the spine and how to best prepare our bodies for energetic awakenings. The formats also work beautifully as a warm-up for private sessions or group classes — either GYROTONIC® or GYROKINESIS® — and they shed some more light on the concepts of Narrowing the Pelvis and Supple-ing.

GYROKINESIS® Essentials for the Community

MOVE clients and the greater community are invited to join us as Alicia teaches her Essentials classes throughout her weekend training. Each class will explore a different aspects of spinal motions — lumbar, thoracic, and cervical. The classes still follow the basic sequencing — Awakening of the Senses, Spinal Motions, and either standing or floor work — but the stimulation to the nervous system is more gentle and gradual. GYROKINESIS® Essentials of Spinal Motions Part 1 is perfect for beginner level students and also for experienced people who enjoy deepening the work. Choose to attend one class or join us for all three.

  • WHEN: October 1–3, 2021 at MOVE Wellness Studios
  • WHO: MOVE clients and the greater community
  • COST: $45 per class.
    • Lumbar spine: Friday, October 1, 12:00–2:00 p.m.
    • Thoracic spine: Saturday, October 2, 10:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.
    • Cervical spine: Sunday, October 3, 9:00–11:00 a.m.


About Alicia Head

Alicia Head Portrait

Alicia Head became a GYROKINESIS® master trainer in 2004. She studied exclusively with Juliu Horvath throughout the entire process and has also taken many continuing education courses with him including Happy Moves, Lotus Blossom #1 and #2, the GYROKINESIS® Breathing Course Intensive, GYROKINESIS® Level 2, the Archway, and the Jumping Stretching Board.  Ms. Head’s mind-body movement journey began as a Pilates student at St. Francis Memorial Hospital’s Dance Medicine division, where her main teachers were Elizabeth Larkam and Nora St. John. Alicia later studied closely with Marie-José Blom at her Long Beach Dance Conditioning studio in Long Beach, CA where the approach to movement was depth-oriented. Great attention was given to the concept of core stabilization involving a dynamic process free of bracing or rigidity. Alicia has taught GYROKINESIS® Level 1 Foundation Teacher Training courses for 14 years and has observed the need for material that explores the principles of the GYROTONIC® method that is accessible to all people. She was delighted to connect with Gina Muensterkoetter and become part of her project to offer new GYROKINESIS® formats to the international community. GYROKINESIS® Essentials — A Journey of Spinal Motions Part 1 was finalized in March 2017 and Alicia is honored to be on the teaching team.

Register Today!

Please contact us with any questions. Online registration is available by clicking the buttons below. You may also register by calling us at 734-224-2560 or in-person at the studio.

The latest blog from Elaine Economou is now posted on the popular website Sixty and Me.

What is GYROKINESIS® Exercise?

Maybe you’ve heard of Gyrokinesis exercise, but aren’t exactly sure what it entails. You might be wondering what it’s all about and how it might benefit you. Elaine’s blog will cover:

  • What Is Gyrokinesis exercise?
  • The benefits of Gyrokinesis exercise
  • Why try a Gyrokinesis Exercise Class
  • How to access a free Gyrokinesis class trial

Check out this Youtube video to learn more!

Why try a GYROKINESIS® Exercise Class

Read the full blog to learn more about the benefits of this wonderful movement system. Gyrokinesis classes are an efficient, effective, and safe way to increase your flexibility, develop your core, and release tension. Classes can be adapted to people of all ages with a wide range of abilities from fitness enthusiasts to those just starting out.

You CAN Start Now

We offer in-studio Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic Tower classes. Click the button below to see the schedule and sign up!

This content was originally published January 2018 and has been updated September 2021.

What is GYROKINESIS® Exercise?

GYROKINESIS® class falls under the larger umbrella of GYROTONIC® Expansion System. Both the Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic methods derived and evolved in part from yoga, Tai Chi, dance, gymnastics, and swimming, although it is different from any of these. In this technique, great emphasis is placed on increasing the mobility of the spine through a specific “yawning” quality of movement. Movements are continuous and fluid often with circular or figure eight patterns. Gyrokinesis work helps mobilize and create space in all the joints of the body while increasing strength and stamina. The Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis methods share the same technique and philosophy of movement. The difference is that while the Gyrotonic method uses larger pieces of equipment such as the Gyrotonic Tower, Jump Stretch Board, or Archway, Gyrokinesis work is done with minimal equipment, either on a stool, mat, or standing.

Who should take a GYROKINESIS® Class?

Gyrokinesis classes can be done by people of any age or fitness level. The approach can be made appropriate for those who need a slower and gentler approach, as well as high level movers looking for an intense and challenging workout. The method has many fans from celebrities and athletes to our very own MOVE Trainers—read why Angela Sutcliffe loves Gyrokinesis.

MOVE Livestream is pleased to offer two weekly GYROKINESIS® classes. This class will primarily be done sitting on a stool with some standing balance work and mat work. Livestream classes offer you the convenience and comfort of working out in your home. Our expert instructors will be there real time to support you through class every step of the way.


Trainer and Student doing Gyrokinesis

Why take GYROKINESIS® Classes?

It’s fun. It feels good. And of course it is good for your body in so many ways!

In the Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic methods we move with the quality of “supple” or “yawn. ” What does this mean? Pretend you just woke up in the morning and are sitting or standing at the edge of your bed. Now reach for the ceiling and create a big yawning stretch, letting the feeling of yawn travel through your whole body. This is how we move in the Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis work. This quality of movement can be done slowly or with increasing speed. After taking a Gyrokinesis class, students often say they feel as though they have just had a massage. The creator of the Gyrotonic method, Juliu Horvath, has said that all movements in this technique should feel “nice and profound.” As many trainers and students at MOVE will attest, becoming a student of the Gyrokinesis method is truly a gift to yourself.

Do you need special equipment for GYROKINESIS® classes?

Gyrokinesis can be done on a stool or mat, and does not require specialized equipment. Although you can purchase a Gyrokinesis stool online from GYROTONIC®, any stool that is comfortable and stable will work.

Where can I take GYROKINESIS® classes?

You can take a private session at a local fitness studio or do a group Gyrokinesis class online through an interactive livestream class

At MOVE Wellness, Gyrokinesis classes are available online as part of our livestream class schedule. We also offer both Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic classes in-person at our Ann Arbor, Michigan studio. 

Like Gyrokinesis training, Gyrotonic classes work on the entire body through six natural elements of spinal movement: extension, flexion, side bend, rotation (spiral), lateral glide and circumduction as well as all other joint articulation. Gyrotonic exercises are performed on beautifully crafted weight and pulley-based machines, and involve a series of circular and fluid movements.

Online GYROKINESIS® classes

We know that when you move more, you feel better. Enjoy a FREE 14 Day trial of MOVE Livestream and enjoy unlimited access to any of our 30+ livestream classes, including yoga, Pilates, and Gyrokinesis classes. Be sure to give one of our Gyrokinesis classes a try!

  • Gyrokinesis: Tuesday, 10:00 a.m. with Suzanne
  • Gyrokinesis: Wednesday, 10:00 a.m. with Angela

GYROKINESIS® and GYROTONIC® classes in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Live in Southeast Michigan? Our Ann Arbor studio offers both Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic classes as either private sessions or small group classes. 

  • Private sessions give you instruction in a one-on-one setting with a session that is completely customized to your unique body, needs, and experience level. 
  • Our small group classes give you the camaraderie of a group class setting with the benefits of a private session. These classes are limited in size, allowing you to progress with a group of similarly leveled clients.

GYROTONIC®, GYROTONIC® & Logo and GYROKINESIS® are registered trademarks of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and are used with their permission.

Why Try MOVE Livestream Classes

Whether you’re local to Ann Arbor or across the country, you can now join our high-quality, interactive livestream classes from the comfort of your home. Livestream classes offer new content each session with the energy of a live instructor to motivate and guide you in real time. You’ll have access to our expert team to answer your personal questions—something you won’t find with pre-recorded workouts. Choose from Pilates, GYROKINESIS®, Barre, Yoga, HIIT, and more. Our weekly class schedule includes over 30 classes. All you need is a device for streaming and space to move. Find frequently asked questions about livestream classes at MOVE here.

But really, we know there’s free content all over the internet. We also know you can subscribe to some really big brands for a lot less. So what sets our program apart and why are we worth a look? Why are 30 LIVE classes better than 3000 on demand classes? Here are 7 reasons to choose MOVE livestream. But don’t just take our word for it, give us a try and see for yourself with our 14-day free trial.

Pilates trainer starting a Move livestream class.
  1. Built-in accountability when you register for a live class
    Admit it. There’s just something special about scheduling something and putting it in your calendar that makes you more likely to follow through. It’s so easy to get caught up in our busy schedules and “forget” to make time for ourselves. But if you’ve signed up for a class with a live instructor, you’re much more likely to make the time and hold yourself accountable. The sense of commitment increases when we find a class we love and incorporate it into our weekly routine. 
A MOVE livestream class trainer doing an inspiring Pilates teaser.
  1. Motivating energy of live instruction to keep you moving
    We’ve done plenty of pre-recorded workouts. There’s lots of enthusiasm, but not much spontaneity. An instructor truly enjoying teaching clients in realtime and the ability to adapt the pace or content of a class based on the participants’ needs is irreplaceable. It feels like we’re all a part of one community moving together.
Laptop displaying a MOVE Livestream class in someone's living room.
  1. Convenience and comfort of working out in your own home
    Just rolling out of bed and feeling like taking a class in your pajamas? No problem. We’ve been there and done that, too. While our instructors love to see you moving, there’s no judgement on those days you turn your camera off and move with no one watching. Another perk of livestream classes is that there’s no commute to factor in. Join us on the fly when your 11:00 o’clock meeting gets cancelled. Don’t want to go out in the cold rain? Stay cozy in your very own living room.
Trainer explaining something in a MOVE Livestream class.
  1. Expert support you need to meet your personal goals
    We may be connecting on Zoom, but there’s a whole team of experts behind the screen ready to answer your questions and make sure we’re meeting your needs. We’re always happy to recommend classes, talk through your goals and set a schedule for you, or answer questions about any specific issues or modifications you may need.
Trainer teaching a MOVE Livestream Class in a recording studio.
  1. Variety of fresh class content each session to stave off boredom
    Did you love your class today? Awesome. Do you want to do that exact same class over and over again? Maybe not. (Ok, maybe once or twice.) With livestream classes, trainers are able to progress a group and move you through a repertoire week after week. We promise to keep you on your toes!
Man and woman taking a MOVE Livestream class together
  1. Connection to a wellness-focused community of peers and professionals
    We’ve all found our way to MOVE Wellness for a reason (or reasons). Our community is a group of people who seek to improve our well-being through movement, nutrition, education, and other holistic methods. We all find joy and comfort in traveling on this journey together. MOVE often hosts special community-focused events like our MOVE Book Club, unique-topic Member Workshops, MOVE Donation Classes for social justice, and more.
Trainer greeting her MOVE Livestream class
  1. Reliable access to our expert team to answer your questions
    Trainers are available for a quick chat before or after class as well. Something specific going on with your body? Hop into class early or jump into the chat so that your trainer can be sure to throw out custom suggestions and modifications in class. Our concierge team is always standing by to answer any bigger questions and make sure you’re on your best journey.

Your Interactive Livestream Program Starts Here

Let our expert instructors come to you—attend your choice of 30+ professional studio classes from the comfort of your home. Start your free 14-day trial of MOVE Livestream classes today.

There’s something about fall that makes us all feel ready for a fresh start. Whether it’s getting back on track with year-end goals or starting something new, fall is a natural time to focus and reconnect. For our refined fall schedule, we’re bringing more options, more flexibility, and more customization to your fitness routine. 

Fall Leaves

Starting this fall, we are renewing our focus on memberships for consistency, commitment, and community. We have seen that when clients participate regularly in MOVE services that we are able to help them reach their goals most effectively. Clients can select from a movement menu of in-person or livestream options to create their own individualized experience. In addition to continuing private sessions and livestream classes, our small-group training will resume its presence on our schedule. We know that by committing to a regular movement program, we can help you stay accountable while providing the expert instruction you need to be successful.

Whether that’s in-person, online, or a mix of both, cultivating a community that wants to prioritize fitness and wellness is our goal. We know that many of you will feel most comfortable continuing with our virtual options for the time being. If you’re ready to join us for in-person training, we are ready to welcome you as safely as possible. Whatever decision you make will be the right one. Your workout—your choice.

Elaine Economou teaching an online Pilates class

Membership Options

Livestream Class Membership

Join our high-quality, interactive livestream classes from the comfort of your home. Livestream classes offer new content each session with the energy of a live instructor to motivate and guide you in real time. You’ll have access to our expert team to answer your personal questions—something you won’t find with those big brand recorded workouts. Choose from Pilates, GYROKINESIS®, Barre, Yoga, HIIT, and more. Our weekly class schedule includes over 12 classes. All you need is a device for streaming and space to move. 

Find frequently asked questions about livestream classes at MOVE here.

Pilates Trainer Livestream Class

Private Training Membership

Customized to your body and your needs. One-on-one private sessions are a great way to stay accountable and consistent while getting a workout tailored to your exact needs. Our Trainers and Concierge Team will work one-on-one with you to create your custom schedule and keep you moving confidently and comfortably through your fitness journey. Private Training Members receive special rates on our livestream class membership as an added benefit.

Pilates Private Training

Small-Group Training Membership

Want a more individualized class experience? Small Group Training is right for you. Classes are limited to four participants to allow for personalized instruction and group progression. All in-studio and livestream small-group classes are leveled to help start you in the right class and move through the full scope of the Pilates and GYROTONIC® or GYROKINESIS® repertoire. Small Group Training Members receive special rates on our livestream class membership as an added benefit.

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Whether you choose in-studio or livestream instruction, you can continue to count on our high-quality studio experience. Fall is a great time to start anew with solidified programs and routines even as we continue to adapt to any challenges. We hope to see you moving with us soon!

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We’re ready to welcome our members back into the studio with the personal service you know you can count on from MOVE. If you haven’t heard from us yet to set your fall schedule, you can fill out this short interest form to get the process started. 

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We can’t wait to meet you. Fill out this quick form and we’ll be in touch or email office@movewellness.com with any questions you might have.

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Data-Driven Decisions: In-Person Safety Protocols

We’re here for you—however you want to move with us. We recognize that some of you are eager to join us in-studio while others would prefer to wait for now. We invite you to choose the mix of in-studio or livestream instruction that’s right for you. When you’re ready to visit MOVE in-person, we want you to feel safe. So we’re taking important steps to make sure you’re comfortable. 

Join MOVE’s Online Fitness Classes for Pilates Workouts at Home

When we celebrated MOVE’s 6th anniversary in early March, it was hard to imagine what an incredible challenge our studio would shortly face. Now, over one month later, we are all still adjusting to our new normal. Even so, our staff remains a strong group of movement experts and what we continue to believe is this: it is so important to keep moving. At MOVE, we are committed to continuing to adapt and grow so that we can help our community to keep moving at home. 

We already know the benefits of Pilates are vast. There is mounting research that Pilates supports a number of pathologies, postural issues, and is an effective strengthening modality for bodies at any age and stage. Some of the physical benefits of a Pilates practice includes increased core strength, stability, flexibility, and mobility. In addition, Pilates is a mindful movement practice with guided breathing principles. Joseph Pilates is known for saying that “…above all, learn how to breathe correctly.” Connecting our breath with movement can help us improve circulation, reduce stress, improve concentration, and support a balanced nervous system. All of these benefits are important now more than ever to help us move through the day with ease.

Livestream Pilates Class

Over the last few weeks, we have seen our in-studio community successfully transition to an online community. We closed the physical doors to the studio on March 16 and started offering online fitness classes the very next day. MOVE trainers are now livestreaming over 50 classes every week. With our expanded schedule we hope that our MOVE community will spread the word about MOVE to friends and family across the country. Our lineup includes not only all levels of Pilates but also barre, yoga, GYROKINESIS®, the Franklin Method, and HIIT classes. We are fully committed to our online livestream classes and to keeping our community moving at home for the foreseeable future.

Can Pilates be done at home?

We all love the fancy machines we have in the studio, but you don’t need expensive equipment to practice Pilates at home. When Joseph Pilates created Pilates in the early 1920s he was focused simply on the body and breathwork. The Pilates equipment came years after the Pilates matwork. 

Pilates Online Teaser

Matwork provides the strength and foundation for all of the movements done on the Pilates Reformer, Cadillac, and Chair. Every March, the Pilates community goes back to Joseph’s roots and celebrates the original 34 mat exercises with March MATness. Although MOVE’s March MATness challenge was paused this year, many of us had really gotten into a groove of working on matwork in-studio. We’ve transitioned this practice to home and we know our clients are feeling it! 

“The livestream classes have been amazing, and a great way to feel productive and in control at a time where little else seems that way! As a member who has moved out of the area, I’ve also really enjoyed re-connecting with the MOVE instructors and community.” 

—Rena H.

Pilates workouts you can do at home

MOVE Co-Founder Elaine Economou suggests we think about movement with the mantra “take your vitamins”. A great place to start moving at home is with a movement vitamin in the form of gentle warm ups and simple exercises. Consistent practice is key to feeling changes in your body.

Watch Elaine’s Movement Vitamin video, and try out any combination of these essential exercises on your own:

  • Spinal Rotation
  • Hip Release
  • Arm Circles
  • Cat Stretch
  • Opposite Arm-Leg Balance
  • Hip Rolls
  • Side Leg Lift
  • Toe Taps
  • Breast Stroke Prep
  • Standing Side Bend
  • Upper Ab Flexion

These essential exercises are a strong foundation to a home Pilates practice. With any form of exercise, it’s important to know your limits and practice within your personal abilities. When you’re ready to build on these basics, we offer several options for movement. 

  • Our YouTube Channel offers video workouts ranging from 10 to 30 minutes with a variety of Pilates, barre, cardio, and stretching options. Check them out and subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already. We’re constantly working on adding new content.
MOVE YouTube Channel
  • Virtual Private sessions are a great option where you can practice with one of our excellent trainers. MOVE trainers can help you deepen your Pilates practice by safely layering in harder or more complex exercises or helping guide you through modifications suitable for your specific body.
Shell Stretch Pilates Online
  • Livestream Group Fitness is a great way to bring variety and fun into your workouts. We have more than 10 weekly class options on the schedule with unlimited monthly memberships available. 

What do I need for Pilates at home?

The short answer? A tech device to stream your class on and a Zoom link. All livestream Pilates classes can be done with just a yoga or Pilates mat and a bath towel. For more information, including fun props to layer in or household prop-swaps, read our article Livestream at MOVE: What Do I Need for Class?

Pilates can be adapted to home practice with ease. Think about where in your home you can really connect to your body free of noise and distractions, if possible. Choose a space where you have room to place a mat and extend your body at different angles. When you’re in class, don’t forget to listen to your body. If an exercise doesn’t feel right for you, skip it. If you know a modification, try that instead. You can always skip the current exercise and do your favorite stretch, grab a drink, or simply tune into your breathing as you wait for the next exercise.

Online Fitness Class Scene

Who can take online fitness classes?

Anybody… and everybody! At any fitness level, Pilates is an effective and safe way to increase your flexibility, develop your core, and release tension. The exercises are designed to layer and build on each other as the student learns the foundational principles. In any session or class your trainer will aim to move you through all possible planes of movement of the spine. Trainers will include exercises that move the spine forward and back, sideways, and rotating into a spiral. You will also be taught to stabilize your spine and pelvis using your core. It’s all about building a well-rounded movement routine that supports strength and muscle balance. 

Man doing online Pilates class

At MOVE, we’ve organized classes into six levels: Gentle, Intro, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Advanced. If you’re brand new to the studio, feel free to drop us an email so we can help you find your best fit. 

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Ready to join us online? We have both monthly memberships and single class pricing. We’re committed to keeping our community connected and moving together and we hope you’ll join us.


Gyms have come a long way in the last couple decades. Big, beautiful facilities with pretty reasonable fees and equipped with all the bells and whistles: pool, steam room, hot tub, indoor tracks, child care, snack bars, and cardio equipment for miles, complete with a tiny personal tv for your viewing pleasure. So then, why do so many people seem to be turning to local boutique fitness studios for their personal health and wellness needs? It may come down to that one simple word: personal.

Creating a fitness studio built for you

It’s been nearly six years since my business partner Robin and I opened MOVE Wellness in Ann Arbor, Michigan. But before tackling this new venture, I spent 12 years teaching Pilates and GYROKINESIS® at a large fitness center in the small town where I live. 

It was a big, lovely facility serving somewhere around 2,500 members and had every amenity and piece of gym equipment you could possibly desire. The warm, cushy seating area with fireplace, coupled with the snack bar and daycare, gave me a place to safely park my young boys for an hour while I taught class. The gym staff and management were personable and caring toward all of the members and I loved how often I ran into friends and fellow community members there.

For many people, the affordability of the membership and convenience of the full-service facility were a perfect solution for exercise classes and personal fitness options. And yet, there were two primary things that kept nagging at me as I observed the hundreds of members moving through their daily routines there over the years: 1) They were all being handed a one-size-fits-all fitness solution and 2) None of them seemed meaningfully connected to their own bodies and wellness while there. 

Fitness studios built for you

Any physical movement should be enjoyable. Even if you’re challenging yourself and focusing on weight loss or strength training, you still need to enjoy what you’re doing and want to keep doing it in order to accomplish your goals.

Most days, when I would walk through the cardio and equipment areas at my gym, I’d see person after person looking somewhat pained and even unhappy as they went about their  treadmill routine or circuit training all in the name of personal well-being and health. I’d also see lots of little things that I could easily help them adjust or correct in order to keep them safe, help them maximize their workouts, and understand how their bodies were supposed to feel while doing that work correctly. But the rhythm and environment of those larger gym spaces aren’t really set up for that kind of one-on-one support and guidance. 

As someone who grew up dancing and learned to love moving my body at an early age, I decided that I could offer people something better. While we teach specific movement practices like Pilates, yoga, GYROKINESIS® and GYROTONIC® at our studio, the goal is to use those forms to empower people of any age and fitness level to be strong, healthy and capable of moving in ways that make them happy—walking, running, gardening, crafting, dancing, morel mushroom foraging, or whatever it may be. 

Further, I wanted to create a space for people who wanted to be empowered in that way. A smaller fitness studio is designed for people who want to know why certain things are hurting or affecting their lives in the ways that they are, and get expert help in unraveling those issues and developing a better understanding of what safe, strong, effective activity and exercise should feel like.

In that spirit, here are a few key things to consider when deciding if a large gym or boutique fitness studio is right for you:

Fitness memberships: Cost vs. value

The affordability of a traditional gym membership is of course one of the primary reasons that many people choose larger centers. However, the only reason those centers are able to offer those reasonable membership fees is because their business model relies on as many as 50% of their members never actually coming to the gym. Yes, you’re going to pay a little more for a membership at a smaller fitness studio. But, as is the case with so many other things that really matter in life (like your health), you get what you pay for. 

When you choose a boutique studio, you’re paying for personalized service and a depth of expertise that you simply won’t get at a big gym. Smaller studios typically hire stronger caliber instructors and trainers, many of whom have the advanced training and education to address the needs of people recovering from injuries and surgeries or with conditions like osteoporosis. Many small studios like ours also spend time cultivating close relationships with fellow healthcare providers and local experts to offer you a more comprehensive network of wellness support. 

Small group training vs. large fitness class size

Yes, when you just want to go move your body, have some fun and not really worry about what you’re doing and why, a room full of people with loud music can be a lot of fun. And those kind of fitness classes have their place. But when it comes to technique, proper form, personal goals and safe movement principles, smaller class sizes with six to eight people are where you want to be. 

Movement systems like Pilates and GYROKINESIS®, and even yoga, are only effective if instructors have the time and space to connect with you individually and clearly communicate the fundamentals of those exercises. Smaller class sizes are efficient. They help get you moving correctly and feeling stronger more quickly. In a nutshell: They help you move and work smarter, not harder.

A fitness plan with structure and accountability 

Despite good intentions and the best efforts, larger gyms are not equipped to offer personal accountability for their members. To really offer that personalized support and connection that most of us need, trainers need time to listen to you and to get to know your individual body, needs, and lifestyle. While a large gym may offer variety and convenience, including personal training, they are not designed to help you create a customized fitness routine and wellness plan and support you as you progress toward individual goals or adjust accordingly as your needs change.

Small wellness studios create meaningful community

For the last several years, countless scientific studies have confirmed that longevity and social interaction are connected. Loneliness and lack of community are now considered major risk factors for our long term health and wellness. And while larger fitness clubs and gyms can and do offer plenty of opportunities to see and be around other people, those interactions aren’t always as deep and meaningful as they could be. 

In some cases, a larger fitness center catering to hundreds of people of all ages and types can feel like more of a quantity versus quality type experience. Whereas smaller boutique studios often shape their business models and services around creating meaningful interaction between trainers and clients and rich community among those clients.

Doing what’s right for you and your body

You know yourself better than anybody. And you deserve fitness and wellness solutions that work for you. And the reality is that what may work for you today, may not be what worked for you five or 10 years ago, or what will work for you five or 10 years from now. 

Take the time to assess what you have going on, what your needs are, what your goals are, what your lifestyle is like right now. Take the time to research the options available to you. Swing by and visit the gyms and studios near you, talk to the people who work there, the people who are members there, and see which fit is right for you. 

Ready to get your own personal fitness plan rolling? 

Sign up for an introductory package today, call 734-224-2560, or email us to chat about your options, or stop by the studio to say hello in person.