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Pilates at Home: Online Fitness Classes

Join MOVE’s Online Fitness Classes for Pilates Workouts at Home

When we celebrated MOVE’s 6th anniversary in early March, it was hard to imagine what an incredible challenge our studio would shortly face. Now, over one month later, we are all still adjusting to our new normal. Even so, our staff remains a strong group of movement experts and what we continue to believe is this: it is so important to keep moving. At MOVE, we are committed to continuing to adapt and grow so that we can help our community to keep moving at home. 

We already know the benefits of Pilates are vast. There is mounting research that Pilates supports a number of pathologies, postural issues, and is an effective strengthening modality for bodies at any age and stage. Some of the physical benefits of a Pilates practice includes increased core strength, stability, flexibility, and mobility. In addition, Pilates is a mindful movement practice with guided breathing principles. Joseph Pilates is known for saying that “…above all, learn how to breathe correctly.” Connecting our breath with movement can help us improve circulation, reduce stress, improve concentration, and support a balanced nervous system. All of these benefits are important now more than ever to help us move through the day with ease.

Livestream Pilates Class

Over the last few weeks, we have seen our in-studio community successfully transition to an online community. We closed the physical doors to the studio on March 16 and started offering online fitness classes the very next day. MOVE trainers are now livestreaming over 50 classes every week. With our expanded schedule we hope that our MOVE community will spread the word about MOVE to friends and family across the country. Our lineup includes not only all levels of Pilates but also barre, yoga, GYROKINESIS®, the Franklin Method, and HIIT classes. We are fully committed to our online livestream classes and to keeping our community moving at home for the foreseeable future.

Can Pilates be done at home?

We all love the fancy machines we have in the studio, but you don’t need expensive equipment to practice Pilates at home. When Joseph Pilates created Pilates in the early 1920s he was focused simply on the body and breathwork. The Pilates equipment came years after the Pilates matwork. 

Pilates Online Teaser

Matwork provides the strength and foundation for all of the movements done on the Pilates Reformer, Cadillac, and Chair. Every March, the Pilates community goes back to Joseph’s roots and celebrates the original 34 mat exercises with March MATness. Although MOVE’s March MATness challenge was paused this year, many of us had really gotten into a groove of working on matwork in-studio. We’ve transitioned this practice to home and we know our clients are feeling it! 

“The livestream classes have been amazing, and a great way to feel productive and in control at a time where little else seems that way! As a member who has moved out of the area, I’ve also really enjoyed re-connecting with the MOVE instructors and community.” 

—Rena H.

Pilates workouts you can do at home

MOVE Co-Founder Elaine Economou suggests we think about movement with the mantra “take your vitamins”. A great place to start moving at home is with a movement vitamin in the form of gentle warm ups and simple exercises. Consistent practice is key to feeling changes in your body.

Watch Elaine’s Movement Vitamin video, and try out any combination of these essential exercises on your own:

  • Spinal Rotation
  • Hip Release
  • Arm Circles
  • Cat Stretch
  • Opposite Arm-Leg Balance
  • Hip Rolls
  • Side Leg Lift
  • Toe Taps
  • Breast Stroke Prep
  • Standing Side Bend
  • Upper Ab Flexion

These essential exercises are a strong foundation to a home Pilates practice. With any form of exercise, it’s important to know your limits and practice within your personal abilities. When you’re ready to build on these basics, we offer several options for movement. 

  • Our YouTube Channel offers video workouts ranging from 10 to 30 minutes with a variety of Pilates, barre, cardio, and stretching options. Check them out and subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already. We’re constantly working on adding new content.
MOVE YouTube Channel
  • Virtual Private sessions are a great option where you can practice with one of our excellent trainers. MOVE trainers can help you deepen your Pilates practice by safely layering in harder or more complex exercises or helping guide you through modifications suitable for your specific body.
Shell Stretch Pilates Online
  • Livestream Group Fitness is a great way to bring variety and fun into your workouts. We have more than 10 weekly class options on the schedule with unlimited monthly memberships available. 

What do I need for Pilates at home?

The short answer? A tech device to stream your class on and a Zoom link. All livestream Pilates classes can be done with just a yoga or Pilates mat and a bath towel. For more information, including fun props to layer in or household prop-swaps, read our article Livestream at MOVE: What Do I Need for Class?

Pilates can be adapted to home practice with ease. Think about where in your home you can really connect to your body free of noise and distractions, if possible. Choose a space where you have room to place a mat and extend your body at different angles. When you’re in class, don’t forget to listen to your body. If an exercise doesn’t feel right for you, skip it. If you know a modification, try that instead. You can always skip the current exercise and do your favorite stretch, grab a drink, or simply tune into your breathing as you wait for the next exercise.

Online Fitness Class Scene

Who can take online fitness classes?

Anybody… and everybody! At any fitness level, Pilates is an effective and safe way to increase your flexibility, develop your core, and release tension. The exercises are designed to layer and build on each other as the student learns the foundational principles. In any session or class your trainer will aim to move you through all possible planes of movement of the spine. Trainers will include exercises that move the spine forward and back, sideways, and rotating into a spiral. You will also be taught to stabilize your spine and pelvis using your core. It’s all about building a well-rounded movement routine that supports strength and muscle balance. 

Man doing online Pilates class

At MOVE, we’ve organized classes into six levels: Gentle, Intro, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Advanced. If you’re brand new to the studio, feel free to drop us an email so we can help you find your best fit. 

Register for an online fitness class today!

Ready to join us online? We have both monthly memberships and single class pricing. We’re committed to keeping our community connected and moving together and we hope you’ll join us.

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