Fitness Classes in Ann Arbor

MOVE Wellness Studios offers Pilates and Gyrokinesis classes through our Small Group Training Membership Program and drop-in Group Fitness Classes including Yoga, Barre and HIIT. Our Trainers and Concierge Team will work one-on-one with you to create your custom class schedule and keep you moving confidently and comfortably through your fitness journey.  To join us in any class, your first step is to schedule an Introductory Session with a Trainer!

Small Group Training Classes


GENTLE: These classes practice the foundational principles of Pilates needed to build the foundation for a successful Pilates experience. Clients will practice the principles using modifications and at a pace appropriate for their postural and health issues. Classes might be focused on balance or mobility so that they gain an understanding of their body and begin a gentle exploration of correct movement – with particular emphasis on breath control, abdominal support, and pelvic/spinal alignment. It is suitable for those who have done some Pilates and for those with injuries or issues that need a deliberate-paced class. Please discuss injuries with us before class.

LEVEL 1: This is for people who have done some Pilates and for those who want to continue to work at a moderate pace. We introduce all of the Beginner level exercises and explore in more detail how to use the breath to stabilize and mobilize the body, gaining much greater control and power.

At this level clients will experience a well-rounded workout with emphasis on increased coordination, breath capacity, precise control, concentration and “moving from your center”. Clients will also be introduced to the Pilates vocabulary and the names of each exercise to become more familiar and at ease with their practice of the full beginner exercise repertoire communicating principles of alignment, abdominal engagement, mobilization of spine, hips and pelvis. Safely challenging the body using all planes of motion in all relationships to gravity (i.e. flexion, extension, lateral rotation and lateral flexion).

LEVEL 2: Building on the basics, the full beginner repertoire is taught at a pace that will encourage flow and control while building endurance and strength. Intermediate principles and exercises are layered into the workout including weight bearing on arms, more complex movements, and larger ranges of motion with stability and balance challenges.

LEVEL 3: The full Intermediate repertoire is taught and clients are able to apply the principles of alignment and abdominal engagement to safely challenge the body.

ADVANCED:  The full Advanced repertoire is taught and clients are able to apply the principles of precision, control and fluidity to safely challenge the body. This is for experienced clients who are now honing more powerful pelvic and shoulder stability, oppositional energy, spinal articulation and overall strength. Please check with MOVE staff before attending this class.



LEVEL 1: In this class we’ll take the 60 minute format as a jumping off point to play with various aspects of the GYROKINESIS®️ material. We’ll release the stress and tension of the week and energize for the weekend.

Prenatal & Postnatal Pilates

PRENATAL: Keep the deep support muscles of the body strengthened during your pregnancy using the principles of Pilates. Learn how to exercise safely, prevent diastasis recti, relieve common pregnancy aches and pains, prepare your body for labor, delivery and cuddling your new baby.

POSTNATAL: Using the principles of Pilates, reconnect and build the deep support muscles of the body after your pregnancy. Learn how to safely and efficiently increase your strength, and address postural issues so that you can enjoy your time with your little one and get back to all the activities you love.

Group Fitness Classes


This class moves at a slow to moderate pace, introducing traditional yoga concepts in a format that is clear and easy to understand. Practice poses with an emphasis on breathing, physical awareness and relaxation, which will allow you to increase strength & flexibility while relieving stress.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT is designed to get your heart rate pumping, maximize your workout time and boost your resting metabolic rate. It is a high-energy, interval-style, full-body workout combining cardio, weights, abs and more! Our intervals elevate the heart rate using both aerobic and anaerobic zones and increase endurance and strength! Modifications are provided for all levels. Athletic shoes required.


A high-energy and dynamic class that integrates elements of Pilates, dance, cardio & strength training using the ballet barre, light weights and various props. Our Barre classes emphasize the correct postural and alignment principles combined with music to increase strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability. 

Balance Class

Using principles of Pilates and yoga, this class will begin seated in a chair and move to standing at the barre, focusing on maintaining mobility and strength while improving balance. Ideal for clients who are looking for a way to prevent injuries and falls or those recovering from injury

Men's Flex and Core

Developed to create a sound body and mind, Pilates is perfect for both injury prevention and rehabilitation. In this class you will improve your golf swing, improve your form in the weight room, sculpt your abs and loosen tight shoulders and hips. Although men are welcome in all of our classes, this special class is for men only and is designed with men’s specific postural needs in mind.