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7 Reasons to Choose MOVE Livestream Classes

Why Try MOVE Livestream Classes

Whether you’re local to Ann Arbor or across the country, you can now join our high-quality, interactive livestream classes from the comfort of your home. Livestream classes offer new content each session with the energy of a live instructor to motivate and guide you in real time. You’ll have access to our expert team to answer your personal questions—something you won’t find with pre-recorded workouts. Choose from Pilates, GYROKINESIS®, Barre, Yoga, HIIT, and more. Our weekly class schedule includes over 30 classes. All you need is a device for streaming and space to move. Find frequently asked questions about livestream classes at MOVE here.

But really, we know there’s free content all over the internet. We also know you can subscribe to some really big brands for a lot less. So what sets our program apart and why are we worth a look? Why are 30 LIVE classes better than 3000 on demand classes? Here are 7 reasons to choose MOVE livestream. But don’t just take our word for it, give us a try and see for yourself with our 14-day free trial.

Pilates trainer starting a Move livestream class.
  1. Built-in accountability when you register for a live class
    Admit it. There’s just something special about scheduling something and putting it in your calendar that makes you more likely to follow through. It’s so easy to get caught up in our busy schedules and “forget” to make time for ourselves. But if you’ve signed up for a class with a live instructor, you’re much more likely to make the time and hold yourself accountable. The sense of commitment increases when we find a class we love and incorporate it into our weekly routine. 
A MOVE livestream class trainer doing an inspiring Pilates teaser.
  1. Motivating energy of live instruction to keep you moving
    We’ve done plenty of pre-recorded workouts. There’s lots of enthusiasm, but not much spontaneity. An instructor truly enjoying teaching clients in realtime and the ability to adapt the pace or content of a class based on the participants’ needs is irreplaceable. It feels like we’re all a part of one community moving together.
Laptop displaying a MOVE Livestream class in someone's living room.
  1. Convenience and comfort of working out in your own home
    Just rolling out of bed and feeling like taking a class in your pajamas? No problem. We’ve been there and done that, too. While our instructors love to see you moving, there’s no judgement on those days you turn your camera off and move with no one watching. Another perk of livestream classes is that there’s no commute to factor in. Join us on the fly when your 11:00 o’clock meeting gets cancelled. Don’t want to go out in the cold rain? Stay cozy in your very own living room.
Trainer explaining something in a MOVE Livestream class.
  1. Expert support you need to meet your personal goals
    We may be connecting on Zoom, but there’s a whole team of experts behind the screen ready to answer your questions and make sure we’re meeting your needs. We’re always happy to recommend classes, talk through your goals and set a schedule for you, or answer questions about any specific issues or modifications you may need.
Trainer teaching a MOVE Livestream Class in a recording studio.
  1. Variety of fresh class content each session to stave off boredom
    Did you love your class today? Awesome. Do you want to do that exact same class over and over again? Maybe not. (Ok, maybe once or twice.) With livestream classes, trainers are able to progress a group and move you through a repertoire week after week. We promise to keep you on your toes!
Man and woman taking a MOVE Livestream class together
  1. Connection to a wellness-focused community of peers and professionals
    We’ve all found our way to MOVE Wellness for a reason (or reasons). Our community is a group of people who seek to improve our well-being through movement, nutrition, education, and other holistic methods. We all find joy and comfort in traveling on this journey together. MOVE often hosts special community-focused events like our MOVE Book Club, unique-topic Member Workshops, MOVE Donation Classes for social justice, and more.
Trainer greeting her MOVE Livestream class
  1. Reliable access to our expert team to answer your questions
    Trainers are available for a quick chat before or after class as well. Something specific going on with your body? Hop into class early or jump into the chat so that your trainer can be sure to throw out custom suggestions and modifications in class. Our concierge team is always standing by to answer any bigger questions and make sure you’re on your best journey.

Your Interactive Livestream Program Starts Here

Let our expert instructors come to you—attend your choice of 30+ professional studio classes from the comfort of your home. Start your free 14-day trial of MOVE Livestream classes today.

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