March MATness is here! Try this classic Pilates mat sequence…

It’s time for what has become the annual tradition known as March MATness. Every March, the Pilates community celebrates the original mat exercises created by Joseph Pilates himself. While Pilates has evolved in so many ways, March MATness is all about returning to the roots of Pilates and performing the classic mat sequence of 34 exercises. Studios and Pilates enthusiasts around the world will all participate in their own way with contests, special classes, and tributes on social media. MOVE Wellness is no exception and we look forward to joining the celebration.

Pilates Teaser on the Mat

How to participate in March MATness

There are so many ways to join in the fun. Whether on your own or in a studio, we encourage everyone to dive deep and work their way through the 34 exercises. March MATness began in 2013 as one trainer, Benjamin Degenhardt, had an idea to share his journey through the original exercises on social media. The end goal is to rediscover the basis of Pilates and increase awareness. The only “rule”? Do all 34 mat exercises.

If you are connected to a Pilates studio, the simplest way to participate is to join in with whatever your studio has planned. If you don’t have access to a studio or Pilates trainer, you can start by grabbing a copy of Return to Life, the original text written by Joseph Pilates. Know your limits and practice the exercises within your personal abilities. Many of them are not easy. This is when working with a certified trainer is helpful. They can help modify the exercises in ways to achieve maximum benefit for each individual.

Follow along with MOVE Wellness and the rest of the Pilates community by keeping an eye on social media. Think about how you want to share your own journey. Document your progress with photos, videos, drawings, or variations and post it for the world to see. Be creative!

On Facebook look for @MoveWellness, @MarchMATnessOfficial, or @360Pilates. And, on Instagram you can follow @MoveWellness_AnnArbor,  @MarchMATness, and @360PilatesOnline.

Try our Classical Order Mat Class

Every studio will participate in their own way, and likely change it up each year to keep things fun. MOVE Wellness is excited to share our Classical Order Pilates Mat Class available for rent or purchase at MOVE On Demand. Senior Trainer Lauren Miller will guide you through each of the 34 original Pilates mat exercises. Watch the trailer for more information.

In addition, we’re excited to feature the exercises according to the daily schedule below on our Facebook and Instagram pages. In-studio clients just might find our awesome staff incorporating the day’s exercise—or modification of the exercise—into their regular training sessions. Participating in March MATness brings a sense of community and will help you achieve a deeper knowledge of your movement practice. We hope you’ll all join in!

March Matness Logo

Pilates mat sequence

Ready to celebrate March MATness? Here is the sequence of the original 34 Pilates mat exercises, along with the social media posting schedule, should you wish to follow it. Work through the exercises daily, or weekly on your own. Or better yet, try our MOVE On Demand Classical Order Mat Class and let us lead the way. Once again, the only rule is to give each exercise a try.

March 1: The Hundred (#hundred)
March 2: The Roll Up (#rollup)
March 3: The Roll Over (#rollover)
March 4: One Leg Circle (#onelegcircle)
March 5: Rolling Back (#rollingback)
March 6: One Leg Stretch (#onelegstretch)
March 7: Double Leg Stretch (#doublelegstretch)
March 8: Spine Stretch (#spinestretch)March 9: Rocker with Open Legs (#rockerwithopenlegs)
March 10: Corkscrew (#corkscrew)
March 11: Saw (#saw)
March 12: Swan Dive (#swandive)
March 13: One Leg Kick (#onelegkick)
March 14: Double Leg Kick (#doublelegkick)
March 15: Neck Pull (#neckpull)
March 16: Scissors (#scissors) and Bicycle (#bicycle)
March 17: Shoulder Bridge (#shoulderbridge)
March 18: Spine Twist (#spinetwist)
March 19: Jack Knife (#jackknife)
March 20: Side Kick (#sidekick)
March 21: Teaser (#teaser)
March 22: Hip Twist (#hiptwist)
March 23: Swimming (#swimming)
March 24: Leg Pull — Front and Back (#legpulls)
March 25: Side Kick Kneeling (#kneelingsidekick)
March 26: Side Bend (#sidebend)
March 27: Boomerang (#boomerang)
March 28: Seal (#seal) and Crab (#crab)
March 29: Rocking (#rocking)
March 30: Control Balance (#controlbalance)
March 31: Push Up (#pushup)

Pilates Extension

While March shines a spotlight on Pilates, we need to remember all year long that the benefits of Pilates are vast. There is mounting research that Pilates indeed supports a number of pathologies, postural issues, and is an effective method for whole body strengthening helpful to all bodies at any age. Just a few of the benefits we can enjoy as a result of practicing Pilates include increased core strength, stability, flexibility, and mobility. All things that move us through our daily lives with ease.

Become a Pilates enthusiast any month of the year

It doesn’t need to be March for you to try Pilates! MOVE Wellness offers Pilates classes and private training sessions all year round. Join us in-person at our Ann Arbor, Michigan studio, or online with MOVE On Demand and MOVE Livestream. Contact us today to sign up for an introductory private session or start a FREE 14 day trial of our livestream classes. We can help you design a Pilates program to help you meet your individual needs and goals for March and beyond!