Pilates Reformer Classes

Join us for mixed equipment, small group classes in Pilates and GYROTONIC® Method.




Benefits of Pilates Classes at MOVE


Weekly group classes provide support, motivation, and accountability

Help you improve mobility, flexibility, strength and endurance

Limited class size (6 students) means personalized instruction.

Let's Get Started!

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New to Pilates? We’ve got you covered! Our Pilates Essentials Class ($29) is a fun, safe space to try something new. It will familiarize you with the basic Pilates vocabulary, the Pilates Reformer and the fundamental movement philosophy in a friendly, welcoming environment.

Do you prefer a one-on-one appointment? MOVE offers private Introductory Sessions ($79) and private training. 

What is group Pilates?

Group Pilates classes are weekly, mixed-equipment Pilates classes with a limited number of people. 

How many people are in a Pilates group?

At MOVE Wellness, small Pilates groups have a maximum of 6 participants.

What is the cost for group Pilates?

Our class pricing is flexible based on how often you come in. The front desk is always happy to chat about pricing. Call us or text at (734) 224-2560.

What age group should do group Pilates?

Pilates is safe for all ages! 

How many Pilates one on one classes do you need to take before you can do group classes?

At MOVE Wellness, your first step is to take a one on one or group Introductory class to familiarize yourself with Pilates basics. You can then sign up for other group classes.

Small Group Class Schedule


In Studio Classes

“From the moment I walked in the door at MOVE I felt positive energy. Classes are very welcoming and I am challenged in a supportive and caring manner. Gyrotonic is an all encompassing system that goes deeper and deeper. I feel the difference in strength and flexibility as the weeks go on. I am very grateful to you instructors.You are an inspiration!!! I look forward to the days I come.”

Sally R.

“Being trained in Pilates has strengthened my core, developed muscle, maximized my flexibility, improved my agility, and improved my posture and balance. Basically, I credit Pilates for bringing the enjoyment of physical activity back into my life. I can now kayak, snow ski, standup paddle board, garden, travel, play with my grandchildren, and do my own home chores without the pain that I once experienced.”

Jay H.

Want to Learn More?

What is Pilates?

Watch expert instructor and studio owner Elaine Economou introduce you to the foundations of Pilates

What to Expect in Class

This video will introduce you to what it is like to participate in an in studio or livestream Pilates class with one of our MOVE Instructors.

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