What is Pilates breathing and why is it important?

“What is the best abdominal workout? In my 25 years as a Pilates and fitness instructor, nearly every client I’ve worked with has asked me this question. And here’s what I tell them: breathing. If you are breathing as you should be, with ease and balance, your abdominal muscles are working.”

—Elaine Economou

We all know how to breathe. But do you really know the ins and outs of those inhales and exhales? Elaine Economou’s latest blog for popular website, Sixty and Me covers the anatomy of breathing, what types of breathing should be done during Pilates, and why correct breathing matters. Read the full blogpost on Sixty and Me.

How do you breathe when doing Pilates?

People often ask me questions like… Why are we breathing in this particular way? Why do we talk so much about breathing? Here’s the thing. There is so much impact and power in breathing well. Not just in Pilates, but in life and anything you love to do. Joseph Pilates said that “The breath shapes the movement and defines its dynamic.” When we first teach people how to be aware of their breath when they move, it often feels confusing. We start by teaching them to breathe using a diaphragmatic breathing technique. We want to optimize a full three-dimensional inhalation without overusing any one set of muscles.

Some benefits of breathing in this way are:

  • Improved focus
  • Increased control
  • Abdominal engagement
  • Higher energy levels
  • Better circulation
  • Tension relief
  • Lower blood pressure

How can I start a Pilates breathing practice?

You can start now! Watching my video above is a great first step. I’ll talk you through the basics, and we’ll do some breathing exercises together to get a feel for it. When you’re ready for more, you may want to look at Elaine Economou’s new program Movement Essentials: Getting Started with Pilates. We know the more you move, the better you feel. Sometimes we need a little push to get started. Movement Essentials is a 28-day program at MOVE On Demand designed to get you moving safely and keep you on track. Each week Elaine introduces you to the basic principles of Pilates with a consistent warm up, weekly classes, and a variety of special topics to enhance your journey. And, it comes with an easy-to-follow calendar that will guide you through a clear progression and provide a foundation for healthy movement.

Watch the trailer to learn more. Support the activities you love to do in life by starting today!

About Elaine Economou

As co-founder of MOVE Wellness®, Elaine Economou helps people move with ease, strength, and joy. Her passion is empowering people to understand their unique bodies and build strength to support moving well through their unique life. Elaine has created Movement Essentials: Getting Started with Pilates to help people move well and live a life they love – wherever and whenever.

Find all of Elaine’s Sixty and Me blogs on her author page.

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