Announcing Movement Essentials: Foundations in Pilates

Now available at MOVE On Demand

Movement Essentials: Foundations in Pilates is a 28-day program designed to set you on a path to feeling stronger and more confident in your movement. Each week Elaine Economou will introduce you to the foundational principles of Pilates exercises with a warm up, weekly classes, and a variety of special topics to enhance your journey. The program comes with an easy-to-follow calendar that will guide you through a clear progression and provide a foundation for healthy movement.

Movement Essentials is the first step in understanding your body and getting to know your own movement patterns. If you are ready to add Pilates to your fitness routine, this program will set you up for long term success. If you are familiar with Pilates, you will expand your knowledge and understanding to deepen your personal practice. You’ll get stronger safely, effectively, and efficiently while building healthy habits and consistency into your fitness routine. All in the comfort of your own home.

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What to Expect in the Program:

  • To be challenged by a faster pace
  • Practice using correct form to get the most out of an exercise
  • Movements that support other exercise programs (walking, running, tennis, golf, etc.)
  • Learning how to set a solid movement foundation
  • Working towards a 20-30 second plank
  • Completing the full Pilates hundred
  • Moving the spine in all the planes of motion
Elaine Economou doing Movement Essentials: Gentle Pilates for Everyday Life

What’s included in the full program?

Movement Essentials: Foundations in Pilates includes:

  • A series of introductory topics to deepen your knowledge and set the stage for your personal journey
  • 1 weekly warm up routine—make sure your body is ready for movement each week
  • 2 weekly Pilates classes—customize your journey by doing each class once or twice each week
  • 1 weekly special topics class—including feet, core, fascia, and posture
  • 2 printable calendars—follow along and keep yourself accountable
Elaine Economou doing Movement Essentials: Gentle Pilates for Everyday Life

Are you ready to start moving?

“The consistency and frequency of your workout routine builds positive outcomes.”

—Elaine Economou

Now more than ever, MOVE Wellness offers a complete solution to get you moving and keep you moving. By committing to this 28-day program, you are committing to yourself. Movement Essentials: Foundations in Pilates is now available for the introductory price of $99.99 at MOVE On Demand.

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