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Online Fitness Classes: 9 Tips for Your Virtual Exercise Routine

The latest blog from Elaine Economou with tips to maximize your online fitness classes is now posted on the popular website, Sixty and Me.

How has your fitness routine changed in the last 14 months? The global pandemic has uprooted our usual habits and has us exercising more inside our homes. This blog will touch on the evolution of online fitness, as well as:

  • Walk you through some popular online fitness options.
  • Help you feel ready to safely workout on your own.
  • Offer advice for how to get the most out of your online workout experience.

9 Tips for Online Fitness Classes

We polled our awesome staff of trainers and compiled their best advice. They teach everything from Pilates to barre, yoga, HIIT and more, and have been teaching classes online since the very beginning of the pandemic. The most common suggestion is turn on your camera. Some people are understandably shy about having the camera on, but movement instructors really love to see you move! The instructor can really personalize your experience if they can see you in real time. 

Online Fitness Tips

  1. Choose the right place to exercise
  2. Don’t be late
  3. Listen to your body
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  5. Eliminate distractions
  6. Establish a routine
  7. Put your class in your calendar
  8. Turn your camera on
  9. Learn what works for you

Read the full blog for all the great tips from our staff. Online fitness is here to stay. It’s incredibly convenient and can even connect you to a community of people with similar interests. Whatever fitness path you choose, we hope you’ll keep moving.

Move more, feel better

See for yourself what Pilates can do for you from the comfort of your own home. MOVE Wellness offers a free 14 day trial of our livestream classes with over 40 to choose from weekly. We are also welcoming clients into our Ann Arbor, MI studio for private training sessions. Whichever path is right for you, support the activities you love to do in life by starting your personal Pilates journey today!

About Elaine Economou

Elaine Economou

Elaine Economou helps people move with ease, strength, and joy. Her passion is empowering people to understand their unique bodies to build strength, and do more of what they love. As co-founder of MOVE Wellness®, Elaine leads a global movement community of clients in high-caliber, in-studio, and interactive livestream training

Find all of Elaine’s Sixty and Me blogs on her author page.

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