Shari Berkowitz and The Vertical Workshop to Visit MOVE

Mark your calendars and plan to join us March 5–6 as Shari Berkowitz and The Vertical Workshop visit MOVE to present a deep learning weekend for Pilates instructors.

The Vertical Workshop Deep Learning Weekend at MOVE

Join Shari for Pilates education that makes sense: science and evidence-based, effective, inclusive, fun. Pilates that you love!

  • WHO: Pilates instructors
  • WHEN: March 5–6 at MOVE Wellness Studios
  • COST:
    • $600 for the full weekend of continuing education classes and workshops*
    • $200 for the morning workshop and master class
    • $180 for the afternoon workshop
    • Saturday, March 5
      • 9:00 a.m. Master Class: Magic Circle Mat
      • 10:30 a.m. Archival Standing Exercises Workshop
      • Lunch Break
      • 2:30 p.m. Brilliant Buttocks Workshop
    • Sunday, March 6
      • 9:00 a.m. Master Class: Midline Mat
      • 10:30 a.m. Teaching Reformer Classes Workshop
      • Lunch Break
      • 1:45 p.m. Fascia Fascination Workshop
  • CEC: 14 NPCP continuing education credits available when attending the full weekend
    • Fully vaccinated plus proof of booster required
    • Masks will be worn at all times
    • We reserve the right to require a rapid test (at attendees expense) each day or as we deem necessary

*Can’t make it for the full weekend? A’la carte registration is now open for individual workshops and classes. Please call us at 734-224-2560 or email us to register.

Semi-Private Classes with Shari Berkowitz Available

In addition to the Deep Learning Weekend, Shari will be offering several semi-private class opportunities on Friday, March 4th. Classes have space for up to six participants each and cost $50.00 per participant. Email us to reserve your spot!

Course Descriptions

Master Classes

A Pilates class with Shari is a true education. You’ll find your body and brain sweating with both a strong workout and a new education: physical and intellectual. Now…you get PMA CECs for these classes. We’ll work hard for 45 minutes on a particular theme. Then we’ll take time to discuss. Workout first. Embody and Experience. Discussion next. Intellectual understanding for the teacher. It’s a mini-workshop…a maxi-hour!

Whether in a group class or in a private session, we must work with a theme…an intrinsic action that we’re working to teach our clients to incorporate into each exercise in Pilates…and life. In thematic class, Shari picks one intrinsic action to add to our constant deep low abdominals and active lower back muscles to weave a physical and intellectual understanding of the value of the action. Saturday’s class theme will be Magic Circle Mat class and Sunday’s theme will be Midline Mat class. Join in and learn while you do, then discuss how to make a class extremely effective!

These thematic classes earn 1 NPCP Continuing Education Credit each.

Archival Standing Exercises

Mr. Pilates’ progression of exercises in a session ultimately takes the client to stand up and leave the studio with the ability to use what he/she/they learned in the outside world. The end of each session or class must end with standing exercises, but most of them are unknown to the majority of teachers. Learn these exercises and use them to challenge, encourage and excite your clients…and yourself! 

This workshop earns 3 NPCP Continuing Education Credits.

Brilliant Buttocks

The time has come to wake up that sleepy cheek of yours! That “dumb butt syndrome”…let’s be done with that! I know…I know…you think you have tried everything and nothing has worked. But you have not, actually, tried everything. I’m a biomechanist and have studied gluteus maximus in all ways. What we have to do to get your buttocks awake, smart and brilliant, even, is different from what you’ve learned. In this workshop, I’ll share the functional anatomy and physical biomechanics of gluteus maximus and all that goes into getting it to come alive in the most remarkable way. Then, of course, we’ll apply it all to Pilates. If you follow the protocol I share with you, yes, your buttocks and those of your clients will achieve their highest GPA: Brilliant!

This workshop earns NPCP Continuing Education Credits.

Teaching Reformer Classes and Teaching Tower Classes

Apparatus Classes are a big part of our growing Pilates world. You teach them, but you were never trained for it. In your reformer classes, there are people of all levels, many who have never seen or been on the reformer or been on a tower in your class and some who are pretty advanced, as well. How do you create a class that takes care of them all? Let’s take the time to learn how to create really safe, strong and challenging classes on the reformer OR the tower. There are special guidelines you can follow and great ways to make a fantastic class for everyone…including you as the teacher!

NOTE: These are not combination classes, we will spend part of the workshop talking about the reformer and the rest about creating tower classes.  

This workshop earns 3 NPCP Continuing Education Credits.

Fascia Fascination

Each year there is more and more talk about fascia! More workshops, books, videos… But what do you really need to know about it? How does it really affect you to know about fascia? What else do you need to know? What have “they” all been missing in their explanations? This workshop will educate on what has been left out of the conversation and how to really make the most of your fascia…and your fascia education. Typical to Shari’s work, we’ll cut straight to the point and get to the root of your Fascia Fascination! 

This workshop earns NPCP Continuing Education Credits.

Register Today!

Please contact us with any questions. Online registration is available for the full weekend by clicking the button below. To register for individual classes and workshops, please call us at 734-224-2560, email us, or drop by the studio in-person.

Head Shot of Shari Berkowitz of The Vertical Workshop

About Shari Berkowitz

Shari Berkowitz is the founder and creator of The Vertical Workshop.

She is a Pilates Teacher of Teachers, biomechanist and ergonomist holding Master’s of Science degrees in Ergonomics and Biomechanics from New York University (NYU). She travels the world teaching teachers of all styles of Pilates, though her vocabulary of exercises is classical. Her ability to cross over the boundaries of style in Pilates comes from her remarkable understanding of how the human body works, how people learn, how the apparatus works… She has an unusual ability for taking the most complicated concepts and turning them into simple nuggets of information that you can immediately use.

Prior to her Pilates life, Shari performed in musical theater. A successful singer, dancer and actress, she performed across the stages and screens of the world. Her Pilates practice and education began in NYC during the last 6 months of a 1.5 year period of physical therapy in her recovery from partial paralysis. You can read about her story From Paralysis to Pilates here: PDF. Once Shari found her passion for Pilates had overtaken her love of performing, she started The Vertical Workshop.

Though Shari’s Pilates vocabulary is classical with Romana Kryzanowska training her to be a Pilates teacher and then as the Power Pilates Director of West Coast Education and Lead Teacher Trainer for many years, Shari firmly believes that all styles of Pilates can give rise to effective work! We all share the same goals for our clients even if the way we get there is different. She does not support the conflicts between the different styles in Pilates. Shari works to create what she calls “A Community of Help” that crosses over the divisions of style.

Shari Berkowitz working with a Pilates client

About The Vertical Workshop

The Vertical Workshop as a brick and mortar studio opened in Beverly Hills, CA in 2004. Shari owned and operated it running a teacher training program alongside the studio’s regular client workouts. The Vertical Workshop’s blog, The Pilates Teacher Blog, launched in 2008. In 2010, Shari closed the studio to move back to NYC (romance was calling). That is when The Vertical Workshop took to the road and the internet. 

The Vertical Workshop thrives around the world in the many teachers who take continuing education workshops and webinars, sessions and classes in-person, live-stream or recordings, read The Pilates Teacher Blog and now train in The Vertical Workshop Comprehensive Teacher Training and Bridge Program. Wherever you are in the world, you can always access the education you need and desire.

The Vertical Workshop is shared by some of the greatest and dearest teachers in the world. Join us as we continually work to learn and share…and have a good time while doing it! We take the work seriously, of course, but we do not take ourselves too seriously!

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