Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Training Program

MOVE Wellness Studios Pilates Instructor Training Program

In the MOVE Instructor Training curriculum, you will develop your skills as a Pilates instructor and prepare for the National Pilates Certification Program Exam.

As a trainee at MOVE, you will then have the opportunity to apply to become a MOVE Wellness Apprentice in order to build your teaching experience and practice in a supportive environment while learning from the studio’s team of high caliber and passionate trainers. We offer a variety of payment options, including scholarship opportunities and work study, to make training as accessible as possible.

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Program Overview

Building on the innovative fitness that began with Joseph Pilates, the MOVE Pilates Instructor Training Program prepares aspiring Pilates trainers for a career through a progressive and comprehensive Pilates education. Our program will take you through the Pilates Mat Module, Reformer Module, Cadillac, Chair, and Barrels Modules and anatomy. MOVE Wellness Studios’ fitness principles – rooted in movement science – develop skilled trainers ready to work with many populations across diverse settings. Staying true to our values of excellence, joy, community, and commitment to clients, the MOVE Pilates Instructor Training Program offers aspiring Pilates instructors the opportunity to join a network of motivated individuals committed to changing lives through movement.

The MOVE Pilates Instructor Training Program team is led by Program Director Elaine Economou. Elaine is a seasoned instructor with a movement degree and additional training in kinesiology, anatomy and other systems of movement.


Teaching Philosophy

At MOVE we believe that great Pilates instructors combine knowledge, experience, and independent thinking to train and inspire their clients. In the MOVE Instructor Training program we seek to develop trainers who teach from their own informed, intelligent point of view. The MOVE Pilates Instructor Training Program offers a modern and comprehensive perspective on the original functional fitness program that Joseph Pilates developed. Course manuals have been shaped by our expert instructors’ unparalleled teaching experience to give you current, useful, and applicable Pilates principles while still allowing you to develop your own teaching identity. MOVE Wellness trainers will be with you in all stages of your education as you refine your teaching philosophy and prepare you to stand out in the Pilates industry.

Benefits of MOVE’s Pilates Instructor Training

  • Unparalleled curriculum designed by our Instructor Trainers
  • Competitive edge in the Pilates world and fitness industry
  • Prepare for the National Pilates Certification Program Exam
  • Opportunity to apply for the MOVE Wellness Apprentice Program
  • Located in vibrant Ann Arbor
  • Train in a supportive and encouraging environment
  • Manageable schedule with options for training

Pilates Instructor Training Program Details

The comprehensive Pilates training program is more than 450-hours and meets the requirements to sit for the National Pilates Certification Exam. It includes three teaching modules covering Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels. In addition the program contains an anatomy course, studio access for practice teaching, manuals, and course materials. It is recommended that the program be completed comprehensively rather than in small sections as a complete knowledge of equipment repertoire is required to sit for the NPCP exam.

Scholarship, Work Study, and other payment options

We understand that training is an expensive undertaking. At MOVE we want to make Pilates training accessible to all passionately committed students. We are currently able to offer the following options to make learning with us more possible:

  • MOVE is excited to offer an annual partial Pilates Diversity Scholarship. If you are interested in applying for the scholarship please email office@movewellness.com. At this time, the training is in-person in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  •  Applications for the Instructor Training Program are due 90 days before the program starts.
  • MOVE offers a work study option for qualified applicants. To learn more about our work study program email us at office@movewellness.com.
  • MOVE offers payment plans. Email office@movewellness.com for more information.
  • We understand that it is not possible for certain students to complete the course as scheduled. Therefore we give the option for students to take the training in individual modules to supplement current movement training or move through the comprehensive course at a slower pace.  Please discuss your situation with us so that we can help you make a decision that will support your goals.
  • If you are interested or have any other teacher training questions, please email us.


Mat Training

The Mat Training includes an introduction to the history and principles of Pilates and the beginning, intermediate and advanced level exercises with modifications. It also incorporates the use of props for advancing clients or for providing appropriate modifications. An overview of anatomy, postural analysis, and movement principles are also covered within this course.

Cadillac, Chair + Barrels

This course provides a thorough teaching of repertoire on the Cadillac, Chair and Barrel. Equipment set up, safety and maintenance are covered as well as how to incorporate the exercises into a client’s session. Includes exercises and variations for both private training sessions and classes.

Reformer Training

The Reformer Course includes an introduction to the Pilates Reformer, beginning, intermediate and advanced exercises, session sequencing and teaching cues for group classes. Modifications designed for group and individual instruction are covered as well as techniques for teaching clients at different levels of ability.

Anatomy Course

In this experiential anatomy training, you will learn human musculoskeletal anatomy, anatomical actions and terms and how they apply to the Pilates repertoire. This course serves as an introduction to the human body and anatomy for those new to teaching movement or curious students of Pilates and a review for current teaching professionals.

Program Prerequisites

Each student should be familiar with the practice and technique of Pilates and have a minimum of 20 hours of classes and sessions before embarking on the 450-hr+ teacher training. Some knowledge of the fitness industry and the teachings of Joseph Pilates is also recommended.

Instructor Trainee Support

We are glad to help support trainees in their journey during training and towards certification.  Students are eligible for practice time at MOVE Wellness Studios during course training. We offer students:

    • Special rates for Small Group Classes
    • Access during their course time to the studio and equipment to practice and observe professional trainers. This time must be scheduled in advance. Outside of course times, students can rent equipment at an hourly rate.
    • Access to private training with MOVE trainers during their course time for a special rate.

Instructor Training FAQ

Who can participate in instructor training?

Anyone is welcome to participate as long as they have some experience in the system they want to study. Many of our teacher training students are fitness professionals, dancers or athletes, but we also have students who are passionately inspired by their own positive results who want to help others experience the same kind of results.

Where do I find the program schedule and pricing information?

Check our teacher training schedule for current and upcoming courses and pricing information. Please contact us if you have questions about the upcoming courses.

*MOVE also offers private one-on-one certification for courses. Cost is based on the instructor’s hourly rate.


Upon successful completion of the MOVE Pilates Instructor Training Program, participants will receive a certificate of completion and will be qualified to take the National Pilates Certification Program Exam. MOVE Wellness does not guarantee employment or certification for program graduates.

No applicant will be denied admission to MOVE Wellness programs on the basis of race, national origin, color, religion, sex, age, disability, gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation.



If you are interested or have any other teacher training questions, please email office@movewellness.com or call 734.224.2560.


With her gentle guidance, deep passion, and profound knowledge of Pilates, Elaine and her wonderful team of instructors led me through one of the most challenging, but by far, one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Mary F.

As an experienced, passionate certified fitness and personal training instructor, adding Pilates to my repertoire has greatly enhanced my skill set allowing me to reach my clients in a smarter, more methodical and balanced way. The bonus of personal growth and new like minded friends I met along the journey was a blessing!
Marybeth H.

The MOVE instructor training was the best, most comprehensive training I’ve encountered. The program is full of the most caring and beautiful people. I felt so accepted, supported, and empowered.

Sarah P.

The instructors are smart, encouraging, and have so much information on the body, movement, and personal experience with clients. It has given me the confidence to go out and teach on my own knowing I will have the information to teach them.

Heather H.

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