MOVE is an energetic studio set in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Our mission is to help clients live a happy, healthy life through positive fitness and wellness experiences.


We all want to be healthier both on the inside and out. We want to nurture our minds and bodies and be our best selves no matter what age or fitness level. At MOVE Wellness Studios, we encourage you to develop your personal goals and meet them. Whether that is building strength, overcoming injury, improving your balance, boosting your heart rate, or increasing your mobility, we want you to learn how to enjoy exercise and movement, in all forms. We offer private and small group private sessions as well as group fitness classes tailored to a full range of abilities, whether you are an elite athlete or recovering from an injury. Our movement trainers and wellness coaches use evidence-based practices to lead you in everything from Pilates and Gyrotonic training to customized wellness coaching and yoga classes. We have the equipment, instruction, and inspiration you need to become healthier starting now.

MOVE Wellness is also working to support caregivers in our local health care systems.  Proud partners of St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, we offer staff classes and wellness workshops in Ann Arbor and Livingston County.  We are also growing our Physician Wellness Program in partnership with Michigan Medicine’s Cardiology Program, helping fellowship participants understand the research behind physician burnout and practice the behaviors for a successful and healthy career in medicine.

We believe in community, in learning from one another, finding inspiration in our individual journeys, and supporting our clients and staff. We also believe in selling locally sourced, sustainable and environmentally friendly products, whenever possible.  We invite you to join our vibrant community today.


    Come MOVE with us:

    • Pilates and Gyrotonic training help you build strength, flexibility, and a balanced system, while also relieving stress.
    • The MOVE Transition Program offers rehabilitative exercise post-therapy and can help you avoid re-injury.
    • Sessions with a trainer at MOVE can help low back pain and the postural effects of sitting.
    • Safe weight-bearing exercises can mitigate symptoms of osteoporosis/osteopenia.
    • Balance classes use researched best practices to maintain and build balance and strength.
    • Neurological issues, such as Parkinson’s and MS, are greatly improved by the mind body focus, including concentration and coordination of Pilates and Gyrotonic training.
    • Weight can be healthily maintained with metabolic training in classes like HIIT.
    • Pre and postnatal classes prepare your body for childbirth and can prevent common delivery issues.
    • Wellness coaches teach you the tools you need to have a healthy body, mind, and spirit so that you can create the life you were meant to live.
    • Professional massage therapists will help you relax and rejuvenate with Swedish, deep tissue, and reflexology treatments.
    • Delicious,  fresh juices or smoothies from our juice bar provide a great post-workout energizer. Kale anyone?
    I have MOVE to thank for getting me out of a physical funk that was affecting every area of my life. Following an injury four years ago  (a ruptured achilles tendon), I stopped exercising entirely. My fear of re-injury was so intense, I gave up everything from tennis to yoga. In turn, I gained weight, lost confidence, and felt tired and depressed about my physical state. Now, after just four months at MOVE everything has changed. I have found a place where I feel safe pushing myself, thanks to the expertise of the staff and the support of fellow classmates.  By working with personal trainers at MOVE, attending group classes in Pilates, and lengthening my limbs through Gyrotonics, my energy has returned. I feel happier, healthier, and strong again, both mentally and physically.
    Jennifer Conlin

    journalist, wife, mother of three, and caregiver to her elderly parents

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