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It Turns Out She Was Talking About Me┃Tony Brutz

This content has been updated January 9, 2020.

We are thrilled to share this inspiring three-part series by MOVE Wellness Studios Trainer Tony Brutz about his journey from running his first 5K to becoming a certified Pilates Instructor.  Enjoy Part 2 below, and click here to read Part 1. 

MOVE Wellness Studios wasn’t like any other gym or studio I have seen or visited. The studio was warm and welcoming. Instantly I felt like this could be a place I could workout and feel comfortable. The first question I asked was, “Is this place just for women or do men workout here as well?” The staff at the front desk assured me that men do in fact workout at MOVE Wellness Studios. I continued to ask questions and one of the trainers, Rochelle, was able to help answer them. It quickly became apparent that the people at MOVE Wellness Studios are just as warm and welcoming as you would expect. After that meeting, I signed up for a package of private sessions with Rochelle and my Pilates adventure was about to begin.

My first session was approaching. That stupid self doubt started to creep up. I can’t do this. What was I thinking? They are going think I am an idiot. Rochelle made me feel instantly at ease. There was no judgment. I felt like I had her full attention for the entire session. She was really paying attention to me, to what I needed and my goals. I was doing an AB prep exercise, and when I finished the first rep she asked, “Did you feel tension in your neck?” I thought to myself, yes, yes I did feel tension in my neck. How did she know that? She must be a mind reader. Well, maybe not a mind reader, but she just really knew what she was doing. The sessions went so well that I decided to get a membership to try the different classes.

The first class I took with a different trainer was the men’s class. Since I was the new guy, the instructor spent a little extra time with me to make sure I was using proper form and able to follow along with the class. Then I took a reformer class with Davy. Just like the other trainers, Davy spent time making sure proper form was being used with everyone in the class. With each new class, I got to work with many of the other instructors: Lauren, Nicole, Shannon, Sammy, Elaine, Jane, and Julie. The one thing that stuck out was that all of them are amazing. I know I named dropped a lot here but there is a reason for it but we will get to that later. After just four months at MOVE Wellness Studios, I decided to become a trainer.

Me…A Pilates Trainer?!

One day Elaine mentioned that they were going to do an instructor training course that coming February. I asked her if anyone could take the class or was it just for people who already had training experience. She told me that anyone could and asked me if I was thinking about taking the training. When I told her that I was thinking about it, she leaned over the front counter where we were having the conversation and said, “I would love to have a male instructor here.” That’s nice, I wonder who she has…Wait! …What? Did she just offer me a chance to teach at MOVE Wellness Studios? No, she couldn’t have been talking about me. I was thinking about just getting information for myself to maybe help out friends and family if I felt comfortable. It turns out she was talking about me. Our conversation went on for about an hour. At the end, she had me thinking about the possibility of teaching.

Shortly after my talk with Elaine, I had a session with Rochelle. During the session I told her that I was thinking of taking the training. To be honest I was still unsure about what Elaine had said about giving me a chance to teach at MOVE Wellness Studios (sorry, Elaine). I just wasn’t used to having anyone have that kind of confidence in me. It meant so much to have someone offer that kind of support. I mean I’ve only been doing Pilates for four months. Why would she give me a chance after only four months? Rochelle told me that if Elaine says it she means it, and also gave me her thumbs up as well. As the other trainers found out about me taking the training they all gave me their full support. I am telling you this part of the story because the support from this group of people is amazing. That support was a big part of me being able to get through the training.

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Tony Brutz teachers Gentle Pilates class at MOVE Wellness Studios on Tuesdays at 6:00PM. He is also available for private sessions.

About the MOVE Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Training Program

If you have ever considered Pilates as a career or as an enhancement to your current profession, we invite you to join us January 15, 2020 at 6:30PM for Talk and Train. This open studio event will offer you a preview of the MOVE Instructor Training Program. Come get your questions answered and see for yourself what the MOVE Instructor Training Program is all about. If you can’t make the event, you can also schedule a free 15-Minute Consultation with one of our Instructor Trainers. Get started on your own journey today!

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