Becoming a Pilates Instructor

I remember when I started to think about becoming a Pilates instructor. I had recently given birth to my first child and was trying to move from working full time as a development officer and teaching children dance part time into something that I could do during the years my son was little. When I realized that I could use the same principles of movement that I practiced and taught in dance and teach adults to exercise more efficiently, effectively and safely through Joseph Pilates brilliant system, I was hooked. In addition, I would be able to set my own flexible hours, and have the benefit of spending time doing something that I loved. Becoming a Pilates Instructor was the best decision I made for my teaching career.

Fast forward 18 years and my oldest son is graduating from high school this Spring. In these 18 years, the Pilates industry has blossomed and it’s vibrancy is due to the powerful impact the system has had on all levels of fitness and movement from post-rehabilitation to elite athletes. The Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) has built a credentialing program that allows those of us who have mastered and championed Joe’s work to build programs that continue his legacy with knowledge, integrity and best practices.

Why Train at MOVE Wellness?

We developed our own Instructor Training Program at MOVE Wellness Studios to lend our unique culture and voice to the training experience. Our goal is to support trainers on the journey to becoming the best they can be at whatever they love to teach using Pilates as the foundation. Professional development opportunities abound for individual interest areas through the PMA and a rigorous foundation of coursework through Instructor Training at MOVE Wellness Studios will ensure that trainees are prepared and inspired build their career doing what they love. Just like I did.

Ready to take the next step? You can learn about our upcoming Comprehensive Pilates Mat Course here or email us at

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