MOVE Client Spotlight: Nili Tannenbaum


This month the MOVE Wellness Studios Community Spotlight shines on Nili Tannenbaum, who overcame skepticism and fell in love with Pilates (and MOVE Wellness Studios!).

Nili Tannenbaum Community Spotlight

I started Pilates because I’m a woman in my 60s with a genetic disease resulting in muscle weakness and inflexibility, as well as arthritis and a history of injury in one knee. I wanted to be able to move without pain and stiffness, climb stairs without relying on a bannister, get up easily from chair, and function normally with everyday activities. Even more importantly, I wanted to be able to play and cuddle on different surfaces with my grandson!

When a colleague suggested I try Pilates, I told him that it couldn’t possibly work for me. I thought it was for very fit, Lululemon-wearing, Mercedes-driving trophy wives and that it wouldn’t be for me. I was skeptical, self-conscious, and very nervous before my first session. I felt intimidated by the Pilates equipment, convinced I would fall off or that I wouldn’t be able to succeed at even the easiest things.

My Pilates First Session Experience

MOVE Wellness Studios Spotlight Meet NiliMy first session was transformational; I suddenly was doing things I never could have imagined myself being able to do. I immediately was able to understand how my body works (and why things hadn’t always worked). I had walked in, certain that it would be my last time but it turned out to be a new door opening to a whole new chapter in my life.

I love working out at MOVE Wellness Studios because I feel I belong and that I’m always being encouraged, exposed to new realizations about my capabilities, and given solutions to help deal with my limitations. My amazing trainer, Angela, challenges me while showing me how much I’m already able to do.

I have experienced many physical and mental benefits from my MOVE Wellness Studios experience. Physically, these have included significantly improved range of motion, flexibility, and muscle strength, accompanied by much better toning, posture, and energy. Mentally, these have included growth in self confidence, thanks to the belief in me by my trainer and the ways in which she has taught me that my diagnosis and age do not define me. I also have an increased appreciation of wellness goals and activities, which have also helped me lose 35 pounds so far. All together, this experience has really been life-changing.

By the end of the year, I hope to improve my strength, flexibility, and range of motion to improve my ability to climb stairs, do floor-based mat work, bear weight on my knees, and run around/play on the floor with my grandson (joined by his cousin, due to be born next month!).

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