MOVE Pilates Trainer Spotlight: Sara Schuman

Sara Schuman is a pilates trainer at MOVE Wellness Studios. She used to be a runner and hiker but became less active because of the increasing demands of work and family life. She became re-acquainted with fitness after a visit to her doctor in 2012. Since then she has lost over 50 pounds and has discovered many fitness options to keep her interested.

ilates Trainer Sara Schuman“After having a regular fitness routine, I’m able to think more clearly and am in a better mood, both of which help me deal with life’s day-to-day stresses. I love the joy that my colleagues and clients find in learning something new about their body and its capacity to adapt to certain challenges, and the willingness to share such.

To me, wellness means flourishing in any given environment. Things change, our bodies change, our goals change, so being able to make the most out of whatever situation we find ourselves in at the moment is what I take to be wellness. I’m inspired by hearing and seeing the progress of others. Everyone has a story about their journey. We can learn so much from each other if we are willing to share and listen.”


Schedule an appointment with her today! Please contact the studio at 734.761.2306 or office@movewellness.com for more information.

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