Our Philosophy

MOVE Wellness Studios’s philosophy is simple: To help clients live a joyful life with a shared vision for creating a community that believes that being fit, being well and being inspired are goals worth working toward together. We will use the very best of our abilities to guide our clients on this journey to a happier and healthier lifestyle. Our Values are evident in all that we do:

  • Atmosphere of trust and support so that clients feel listened to while reaching their goals
  • Customized training and individual support
  • Joy (we help clients and staff live a happy and healthy life)
  • Skill (offering high caliber fitness and wellness training)
  • Community (create meaningful connections)
  • Environmentally supportive
  • Consciousness/awareness
  • Integrity and commitment to our clients
  • Our Vision is to live in a culture where fitness and wellness are defined by moving the body in ways that bring people joy and behaviors that support a personal passion and mission in the world.

MOVE Wellness Studios’s pillars of service are our promise to you:

  • We satisfy our clients by providing the highest-caliber training combined with expert knowledge of the body
  • We support our clients on their fitness and wellness journey with personalized services and programs
  • We build community by providing authentic and inspiring experiences for both clients and employees
  • We sell locally sourced, sustainable and environmentally friendly products whenever possible