MOVE Senior Trainer Spotlight: Angela Sutcliffe

We congratulate MOVE Trainer Angela Sutcliffe on recently becoming a senior trainer! Macarons, music, and movement are some things that come to clients’ minds when they get to know Angela. Meet her below!

  • Angela, it is been awesome seeing your progress in your Pilates/Gyrotonic journey. How did it all start?  I first started doing Pilates in college at Wayne State University. It was required that all dance majors take both Pilates Mat and Reformer because the program believed it was the best way to keep our bodies healthy. I felt changes in my body immediately and knew I needed to do more. I eneded up receiving a scholarship to become an instructor and since then it has spiraled (pun-intended) into what I’m doing today!
  • It is not uncommon for trainers to train on the side, as a weekend gig, and/or teach group classes solely, but you have clearly dedicated yourself to movement as a career, first with Pilates and then with Gyrotonic. What about this profession motivates you to keep consuming more and more? Movement, anything about it (teaching, doing, watching, learning)- it makes me feel whole. I teach Pilates and Gyrotonic but I make it a practice to move every day in any way I can. I want to share the joy I have for movement with others and help them find the freedom of movement that can exist in their body. 
  • When you’re not at the studio, where are you?  I’m never not at the studio! Just kidding, I do go home some nights! I love home because for the first time since high school I have lived in the same place for more than a year. In that time I have been able to make it feel really comfy, calming and charming with my evolving interior decorating skills. I also love trying new recipes. My favorite thing to make these days are macarons! 
  • Where is your favorite place? White Hall, Illinois. Population 2,000. There’s one stop light, an old park with a couple of benches where I spend warm summer days journaling, a little white church that only got indoor plumbing in the last 15 years and a Kroger that is about the size of the group room at MOVE. Most importantly though there’s my Grandpa, the most wholesome, warmest, courageous and kindest heart you will ever meet. He will tell you he loves me more but that is false and he knows it. We have this discussion every time we talk on the phone. 
  • Give us an album recommendation. 

Okay here’s 7 🙂

  • Golden Hour Kacey Musgraves 
  • Off to the Races Jukebox the Ghost 
  • Feels Like Today Rascal Flatts
  • Unapologetically Kelsea Ballerini
  • Dan + Shay Dan + Shay
  • The Blade Ashley Monroe
  • Is Anybody Out There A Great Big World 

What is something that people would be surprised to learn about you? I have 7 nieces and nephews ranging from ages 4-21! I have been Auntie Angela since I was four years old and its my favorite thing to be! They make my life full and entertaining! 

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