Client Spotlight: Carol Anderson

We are happy to shine the spotlight on MOVE Wellness Studios friend, coach, and client, Carol Anderson. Carol was a development consultant for 35 years and is releasing her debut memoir this October.

“To me, wellness means being alive in body, mind and spirit – open to learning, engaged with friends in meaningful conversation, cherishing the love in my life—having gratitude. I’m touched by the resilience of the human spirit – the ability of people to suffer tremendous loss and rise again. I’m excited to say that my first book, a memoir, You Can’t Buy Love Like That: Growing up Gay in the Sixties, is coming out October 17 of this year. I wanted to tell a story that was based in love – for my parents, for my chosen partner, for myself; and to inspire young people who are struggling with their identity to choose love and to trust people close to them with their truth. The underlying theme is: “How do you live an authentic life while keeping a secret?” It reveals the complex internal dynamics that gay people struggle with when forced to hide by the society in which they live. As all people have had some secret in their lives, it has a universal message about the cost of being inauthentic. By the end of this year, I hope to to see my book chosen for Oprah’s book club, and watch it fly off the shelves into the hands of thousands of readers. I’m looking forward to having a thrilling time on my trip to New Zealand and Australia in December, where I will hike and bike with the love of my life– able to enjoy the beauty and splendor of these destinations because I am in such great shape, thanks to MOVE Wellness Studios. I’m also looking forward to celebrating my 70th birthday—grateful for all the blessings and wisdom I have accrued in the past seven decades.”

Carol Anderson MOVE Wellness Studios Client Profile

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