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MOVE Wellness Studios Trainer Lauren Miller offers 10 fantastic reasons to incorporate group Pilates, Reformer, Yoga, Barre or HIIT classes into your fitness routine.

10 Reasons You Should Be Taking Group Classes at MOVE Wellness Studios

  1. Economics. Classes are cheaper than private lessons.
  2. Socializing is good for you. Group activities can boost mood. Attending a class regularly connects you to a group of people. Its good to connect with other humans.
  3. You can learn from watching other people when they do something well.  For example you might notice and admire a person who always seems to flow with ease thorough the exercises: go ahead and copy them.  And you can also learn when people do things not so well.  For example noticing that a person who always looks at the floor while they exercise suffers from slumped shoulders and neck tension may encourage you to stand a little straighter and look up more yourself.
  4. It gives you a context for your progress.  The feedback you get from yourself on how you are doing is not always accurate.  Seeing how you fit in with a population of other movers will give you more information about how tight or loose, strong or weak, coordinated or not you really are. For better or worse.
  5. It’s good to move more. You are what you do everyday. There is no substitute for regular practice.
  6. Brain health: When you take more classes you are more likely to try something new. Trying new things keeps your brain healthy.
  7. It encourages independence. It’s great to get specific personal feedback from a trainer, but ultimately you are the one who lives in your body. When you go to group class, the fact that the teacher cannot guide your every move means that you have to take care of yourself, and implement, expand and deepen your understanding of the work you do with your trainer. Just as a student musician should take private lessons, but also must rehearse and play with the orchestra in order to learn and grow, you must take opportunities to move with a group to improve your skills.
  8. It holds you accountable and makes you more likely to fulfill the goals you’ve set for yourself. You are 500% more likely to do those exercises you know you are supposed to do if you’ve made an appointment and have paid for the class. I just made that statistic up, but its true.  And you know it.
  9. You will magically start to transform just by virtue of regular attendance. 90% of success is showing up. I also made that number up. But it’s also true. Trust me, the hardest part of transforming yourself is just putting on the work out clothes and showing up in the studio.  Ok, some of the actual exercises are pretty hard too. But you definitely don’t get any better at them in the classes you don’t attend.
  10. It’s fun. Just do it.

Ready to join a class?  MOVE Wellness Studios offers a wide variety of small group classes including Pilates Mat, Gentle Pilates Mat, Pilates Reformer, Yoga, Barre, Gyrokinesis, HIIT and more. You can check out our schedule here. Ready to commit? Ask about MOVE Wellness Studios’s unlimited monthly class packages next time you’re in the studio.