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One of the top questions asked over the last few weeks has been “What do I need for my livestream class?” While we have a full list of frequently asked questions on our website, we wanted to specifically address this question on it’s own page. The short answer: all you need to take a class is an electronic device to stream on and a Zoom link. That said, sometimes props or music can enhance your class experience. Instructors will always offer a modification or suggest a substitution if needed.

On this page you will find:

Common Props for Each Class

All classes can be done with just a yoga or pilates mat and a bath towel. MOVE has prop kits containing a blue toning ball and theraband available upon request. We do have some specific recommendations for props that are commonly used in each type of class. Instructors will remind you of what props you might want at the beginning of class and can always provide modifications or suggest substitutions if you don’t have these props available.

  • Barre: mat, chair or wall for balance, hand weights
  • GYROKINESIS®: mat, chair or stool
  • Yoga: mat, blanket, head pad
  • Fascial Movement: theraband, orange or yellow Franklin balls or two small hand towels
  • Pilates: mat, theraband or bath towel, toning ball, foam roller, head pad (you can use a small towel)
  • Balance, Strength, & Posture: mat, hand weights

Common Household “Prop Swaps”

Let’s be honest… we all love our in-studio props. So what can we use at home right now to get the same benefits if we don’t happen to have these props at home? We polled our awesome instructors to come up with this handy list of household prop swaps.

  • Hand Weights: Canned Food, Water Bottles
  • Toning Ball: Small Cushion or Pillow, Yoga Block
  • Theraband: Towel, Old Leggings, Nylon Stockings
  • Head Pad: Folded Hand Towel, Small Book
  • Mat: Beach Towel, Camping Pad
  • Foam Roller: Rolled Up Towel
  • Yoga Block: Book
  • Arc Barrel: Sit on a step stool instead of the floor if you have tight hips or lower back.
  • Pilates Towel: Make a DIY version with instructions in this video tutorial from Elaine Economou

Playlists on Spotify

We get it. Class is so much more fun with some motivating music playing. As we livestream classes, we’ve found the best way to facilitate adding music is for clients to play their own at home. While you can choose any music you love (or none at all), our instructors have pulled together some great playlists you can use on Spotify. You can set up a free account if you don’t already have one. They also have a mobile app you can use on your phone. Follow the links below to access each list and when class starts, just hit play!

Suggested Places to Purchase Props

So now you know you can participate in livestream classes without props or with some common household swaps. But if you really want to purchase the real deal, where can you find them? MOVE has pulled together a list of some of our favorite items for home practice and a suggested place to purchase them. Please not that we are not affiliated with any of these retailers and cannot guarantee inventory or your shopping experience. We’ve compiled this list in effort to be helpful to you at this time.

Pilates Mats

The mats we use at MOVE at Airex mats (.6” thick) 

Head Pads

Soft Foam Roller

Theraband Sets

Weighted Balls (1, 2, and 3 lbs) 

Toning Ball

Pilates Ring

Yoga Blocks

Yoga Bolster