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Variety of fresh class content each session to stave off boredom

Connection to a wellness-focused community of peers and professionals

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What is Pilates?

Watch expert instructor and studio owner Elaine Economou introduce you to the foundations of Pilates

What to Expect in Class

This video will introduce you to what it is like to participate in an in studio or virtual Pilates class with one of our MOVE Instructors.

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“MOVE virtual classes are one of the best things to ever happen to me. Truly. Doing it at home with the fabulous instructors live is awesome. The schedule is flexible plus offers opportunity to try other types of classes. It pushes back against all my excuses NOT to exercise. Thank you!”

Anita C.

“I feel stronger and fitter than I ever have, and I have a new-found respect and, dare I say it, affection for my body – pretty remarkable for a 50-year-old woman.”

Elizabeth S.

“I have learned so much about proper movement and core strengthening at this facility. Every instructor that I have met and worked with has been professional in their approach, yet seem to have very open hearts. I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking better health and core strength.”

Dr. Steve M.

After hearing a friend talk about MOVE, and observing the progress she made I decided to try it with some trepidation as I hadn’t exercised in quite a while. I loved how friendly and welcoming everyone is, and especially love the way they assess your status and then design a Pilates program especially for you.

-Susan J.

Why Choose MOVE?

Our philosophy is simple: To help clients live a joyful life with a shared vision for creating a community that believes that being fit, being well and being inspired are goals worth working toward together. We will use the very best of our abilities to guide our clients on this journey to a happier and healthier lifestyle. Our Values are evident in all that we do!

Be Fit

We satisfy our clients by providing the highest-caliber training combined with expert knowledge of the body

Be Well

We support our clients on their fitness and wellness journey with personalized services and programs

Be Inspired

We build community by providing authentic and inspiring experiences for both clients and employees


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