Prenatal Pilates Classes 


Keep the deep support muscles of the body strengthened during your pregnancy using the principles of Pilates. Learn how to exercise safely, prevent diastasis recti, relieve common pregnancy aches and pains, and prepare your body for labor, delivery and cuddling your new baby.


Prenatal Pilates at MOVE Wellness Studios

Our prenatal pilates classes are taught by experienced pilates trainers who understand the unique challenges of working out during pregnancy:

Commenting on her desire to launch this new class, Davy noted:

“After the birth of my 9-pound baby my 5’0” body felt foreign and unstable. My abdominal muscles were weak, I had diastasis recti and I couldn’t find a dedicated postnatal fitness class to help me reconnect with my body. Even as an apprentice pilates teacher, I wasn’t always sure of what exercises were safe and smart for my body. Now that I have increased my understanding of pre/postnatal body needs through personal practice and study, I know what most mamas need – someone to create space for them to feel strong, safe and supported (because we’re navigating enough with a pregnancy/newborn!).”  Davy Darnton, Move Wellness Studios Pilates Trainer