The MOVE Transition Program (MTP) is a post-therapy fitness program that provides a continuum of care for patients transitioning from formal therapy to a confident level of physical performance. MTP clients learn the postural and mindful principles of Pilates working with a trainer in private and small group private sessions and can also practice their home exercise program in our fully equipped space with support that will help progress efficiently, effectively and safely.

Post-Therapy Fitness

Our post-therapy fitness program, based on the principles of Pilates, is ideal because of its emphasis on whole body strength and fitness.  Clients are able to reach their goals in a supportive and challenging environment with access to knowledgeable trainers who can help them build strength while avoiding re-injury. Some common injuries that post-therapy fitness is effective for include:

  • ACL injury
  • Back injury / lower back injury
  • Knee injury
  • Rotator cuff injury
  • Shoulder injury
  • Sports injury
  • Post-surgery recovery
My defective hips have improved to such a degree through Pilates that I have been able to cut back on my anti inflammatory meds. I am so thankful I discovered Pilates through the expertise and caring manner of Elaine.
Suzanne Devries

MTP Client

The Transition Program has helped me so much with my lower back pain as well as the pain in my opposite shoulder.  Identifying the real cause and working with the incredible staff at MOVE  has been a blessing. 
Mary Kay W.

MTP Client

Move’s transition program has been the right next step for me.  After extensive physical therapy for my knee and then my shoulder, I felt concerned about re-injury…I wanted to get stronger. The transition program t is gentle and powerful.  I can do it and I feel great!  They make adjustments for me as needed. It is lots of fun too! 

MTP Client

How the MOVE Transition Program Works

To qualify for the MTP, clients must have completed physical therapy within 3 months. The first step is to meet a MOVE Wellness trainer to assess goals and limitations during an Introductory Private Session. Trainers will teach the principles of Pilates to make your HEP program (please bring it with you) more efficient. We will add Pilates exercises to your HEP based on observations during this session. Following the assessment, clients start their 3-month program, which includes:

    • One in-studio Small Group Private Session each week designed exclusively for Transition Program clients.
    • Special prices for other MOVE Wellness Studios services.

MOVE Transition Program CORE Costs 2019

  • $79 one time fee for Introductory Private Session
  • $79 per month (for 3 months), which includes:*
    • One Transition Small Group Class per week ($80 value)
    • Unlimited appointments to practice HEP
    • Discounted private sessions and group fitness

* Clients can renew the program once for a maximum of six months. After that we will help you create a plan to continue with your fitness program at MOVE.

MOVE Transition Program Add-Ons

Additional services are available at special prices for MOVE Transition Program clients.

  • Transition classes add for $15 each
  • Private trainer-level sessions for $70 session 
  • Wellness Coaching session to any package above for $65 per session

TO MAKE APPOINTMENT or learn more about the MOVE Transition Program, please call us at 734.761.2306 or email transitionprogram@movewellness.com. We typically respond in less than 1 business day.

MTP Studio Hours: By appointment. Please call ahead of time.

Westside (Jackson Rd) Hours: M-Th: 7am-6:30, Fri 7am-4pm, Sat: 8am-3pm, Sun: By appointment