Desk job to Pilates teacher: Meet Stephanie Oldre

Stephanie Oldre is a Pilates teacher at MOVE, but prior to that, she was a former Payroll and Benefits manager. She’d never given Pilates much thought until she found herself wanting to spend more time with her kids and less time sitting behind a desk.

We hope her story below will inspire you to MOVE more too.

From Desk Job to Teaching Pilates

About 7 years ago, when I first started taking Pilates classes at a local gym, my instructor told me that she thought I would make a fantastic Pilates Instructor. I quickly fell in love with Pilates but never gave teaching Pilates any serious thought. Until a few years later when I found myself quite unhappy in my profession and with a desire to work part time to allow for more time at home with my children. What she had said to me had always stayed in the back if my mind (and she had encouraged me a few more times to look into it). So when I finally decided it was time to make a change, I went to her and told her that she was right and I am ready. She put me in touch with Elaine at MOVE and my life hasn’t been the same since.

I had no idea what incredible things were in store for me or what exactly I was signing up for but it was one the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve found where I belong and what I was meant to do.


Pilates is for Everyone

I think people might be surprised to know that I did not come from a movement background and  that I haven’t always been fit. During my first pregnancy I got up to 208 lbs. Measuring in at 5’3, that was quite overweight. After giving birth, I had only lost about 23 lbs leaving me still overweight at 185 lbs. It has taken a lot of work and dedication to get to where I am now and I am quite proud of what I’ve accomplished. Pilates has been a big part of my fitness journey and made such a tremendous difference in my life.

I also have Fibromyalgia and Narcolepsy. Pilates has helped tremendously with my symptoms and allowed me to still enjoy my everyday life.

The thing that has drawn me to Pilates is seeing the difference that it can make in lives and that it can be for EVERYBODY. I love how versatile it is and how it can improve anyone’s life at any level. Also, I had been a weightlifter before finding Pilates. In my years of weightlifting I had never had strong abs until I started doing Pilates. I love having abs!

Advice for Aspiring Pilates Teachers or Practitioners

If you’re thinking about Pilates, here’s one piece of advice: just keep doing it. Pilates is a journey and everyone’s journey is different. You will learn experientially and you will have many “’Aha!’ moments” along the way. As long as you don’t give up.

I’m inspired by change. As a Pilates teacher, seeing positive changes in the bodies and lives of my clients is so rewarding. Hearing their feedback and testimonials fuels me.

Favorite exercise

Such a hard choice! I love the side leg series on the mat and hip rolls.

Stephanie Oldre is a Pilates Trainer at MOVE Wellness Studios. If you have any questions or would like to book a session with her, email office@movewellness.com or call 734.761.2306.

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