How to Improve Mobility: 15 Minute Routine for Better Mobility

The 15 minute morning routine to improve mobility at any age

The latest blog from Elaine Economou is now posted on the popular website, Sixty and Me.

Moving in a thoughtful, balanced way on a daily basis has both short-term and long-term benefits for our health and wellness. Spending just 15 minutes each morning can help maintain our mobility as we age and continue to do what we love to do. Over time, a daily movement routine:

  • Reduces inflammation and the achy joints that accompany it
  • Stimulates our body’s systems and helps us feel more energized
  • Encourages breathing and a mindful start to our day
  • Creates balance by engaging our muscles
  • Establishes a habit of moving more and sitting less

Read more and try this short head to toe routine to warm up all your joints. Doing little things consistently can make a big difference for your whole body and mobility. You can even do most of it before you get out of bed.

Move more, feel better

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About Elaine Economou

Elaine Economou

Elaine Economou helps people move with ease, strength, and joy. Her passion is empowering people to understand their unique bodies to build strength, and do more of what they love. As co-founder of MOVE Wellness®, Elaine leads a global movement community of clients in high-caliber, in-studio, and interactive livestream training

Find all of Elaine’s Sixty and Me blogs on her author page.

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