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MOVE Wellness Studios offers Reformer Pilates classes in Ann Arbor, MI, led by experienced trainers.

Pilates is an excellent way for men and women of all ages and fitness levels to build strength and flexibility. In Reformer Pilates, the exercises are done on specialized equipment, called a Reformer, to provide more resistance and allow for the fullest expression of movement.

Reformer Pilates is highly adaptable; when done properly, it can be modified to accommodate injuries, build endurance for beginners, or challenge even the toughest athletes. 

With that in mind, our Ann Arbor studio limits Pilates classes to six people to allow for more individualized instruction. A weekly group class is a great way to get motivation, support, and accountability! 

We also offer private training sessions for those who want to work one on one and enjoy a completely customized Pilates experience.  

What is Reformer Pilates?

Reformer Pilates is done on a rolling platform with springs that add resistance to your Pilates workout. This allows for more dynamic movement that can train many parts of the body in different ways.  

The Pilates Reformer has a bed-like frame with a flat platform on it, called the carriage, which rolls back and forth on wheels within the frame. The carriage is attached to one end of the Reformer by a set of springs. Springs can be added or taken away to provide different levels of resistance as the carriage is pushed or pulled along the frame.

The Reformer gives you more options in how you do your Pilates exercises. 

Pilates exercises can be done: 

  • lying down
  • sitting
  • standing
  • pushing the footbar
  • perched on the footbar
  • perched on the shoulder blocks
  • upside down
  • sideways
  • and more

Can beginners do Reformer Pilates?

Yes! Reformer parts can be adjusted to your body size and level of skill, so it’s a great option for beginners

At MOVE Wellness, we make sure that everyone feels supported by first starting with a one on one or group Pilates Essentials class so we can familiarize you with the basics.

Is Reformer Pilates better than doing mat Pilates?

Mat classes tend to focus on core work and require you to support the stabilization of your body. Equipment like the Reformer, on the other hand, provides a frame to work within. 

Because the Reformer provides some support, it may feel easier than working on a mat, but your Pilates trainer can make it more challenging by adding or taking away springs. Working on the equipment can also efficiently target and tone specific areas of your body.

The type of Pilates that works best for you will depend on your body and fitness goals. Our trainers can help make recommendations if you’re unsure which class(es) you should take. 

How many times a week should you do Pilates Reformer?

We recommend practicing Pilates three times per week to support neuromuscular patterning and see the most rapid change in your body. 

However, we recognize that barriers like time and finances may limit the number of sessions you can do each week. We’ll work with you to customize a plan that meets your needs.

Can you lose weight doing Reformer Pilates?

Pilates helps create long, lean, fit bodies. There are many ways that doing Pilates supports weight loss, but it is also recommended that clients also eat a healthy diet and incorporate some form of cardiovascular training to boost their metabolism. 

Is Reformer Pilates more expensive?

All in-studio classes at MOVE Wellness are on mixed equipment and include all aspects of Pilates. Pricing depends on whether you do private sessions or small group classes.

Reformer Pilates at MOVE Wellness in Ann Arbor, Michigan

The MOVE Wellness fitness studio is conveniently located on Jackson Road near I-94 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

We offer both private training and small-group classes for Reformer Pilates. Each session or class is led by one of our experienced Pilates trainers so you can have a safe and effective workout, regardless of your age, fitness level, or wellness goals.