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Meet Sammy Hart, Our Newest Pilates Graduate

  You may recognize Sammy – she’s been teaching yoga at MOVE Wellness for more than three years. She has recently expanded her movement knowledge even further by taking the MOVE Pilates Instructor Training course, and is now a MOVE Pilates Trainer. Find out more about Sammy below!
“I’ve been at MOVE for about 3.5 years and have been teaching yoga for 6. This past year I took a bit of a hiatus to go traveling with my husband which was more amazing than any photo could capture. Returning back to Ann Arbor I find myself once again in the role of student as I finish up my Pilates Reformer course. Pilates has both humbled and inspired me as a movement educator, and I look forward to teaching it. I am curious by nature and find myself in constant studentship whether that’s diving deeper into yoga and pilates, or different modalities of movement. I am fiercely independent, love to travel, eat, and drink good wine… it’s all about balance.”
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