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Reasons to Try MOVE On Demand Workouts

MOVE Co-Founder Elaine Economou is known for saying that “the consistency and frequency of your workout routine builds positive outcomes.” Now, with MOVE On Demand, you’ll find more ways to move with us than ever before. More options means more opportunities to make your workouts work for you. Finding convenient ways to increase the frequency of your training will help you stick to it and keep you moving. We’re so excited to offer you another way to move with us.

What are on demand workouts?

Have you ever followed along with a fitness DVD (or VHS tape) in your living room? On demand fitness classes are the modern day version of those recorded classes. According to Merriam-Webster, on demand literally means “when requested or needed.” Unlike livestream classes which are taught in real time on a set schedule, on demand fitness classes and programs are recorded in advance. So, you can access your on demand class on your own time and workout as often as you want from wherever you want. All you need is an internet connection—no television provider needed. 

Are there exercise programs on demand?

Yes. MOVE On Demand offers the high quality studio experience in the comfort of your own home. If you’re just getting started, a program like Movement Essentials: Getting Started with Pilates may be right for you. This 28-day program is designed to get you moving safely and provide a foundation for healthy movement. When you’re ready for more, you can choose from our full length on demand Pilates classes. We also offer a variety of short workouts accessible to all on our YouTube channel

What are some on demand fitness workouts?

These days you can find just about any type of workout on demand, including Pilates, yoga, barre, and HIIT. With specialized online subscriptions and clips on social media, we have more choices than ever before.

At MOVE On Demand, for example, you can access our full length, high-quality mat Pilates classes. The same classes and instructors you know and love from MOVE Wellness all packed up and ready for you to access anytime, anywhere. More classes are coming soon, so stay tuned.

On MOVE’s YouTube channel, you’ll find a wide variety of shorter workouts. Do one when you need some quick movement, or mix and match to customize a longer session. Choose from:

  • Pilates
  • Stretching
  • Yoga
  • Barre
  • HIIT
  • Mobility
  • Special focus workouts
  • Educational topics

Benefits of MOVE On Demand workouts

1. Convenience is key

Perhaps the biggest benefit of on demand workouts is how incredibly convenient they are. You can get a great workout anytime you want and wherever you want. No commuting. No travel time. Choose your spot, hit play, and get moving. It couldn’t be simpler.

2. Flexibility for a perfect fit

You’re in charge. You set the pace. Pause when you need to and restart without missing a thing. Rewind if you’re confused and need to see something again. You have complete control to customize your workout so it works hard for you.

3. It’s all yours

Pay once and own it forever—a modern DVD. A cost-effective way to workout regularly. Invite your friends and family to join you when you want the group class experience.

4. Move more, feel better

Workout as often as you want with on demand classes. We know your body will feel the difference more movement makes.

5. Ditch the dress code

You can be dressed to the nines in the latest athletic apparel, or in your work clothes on your lunch hour. We’ll never know and you’ll never tell. Pilates in your pajamas? Sure, why not.

6. Be empowered

If you are new to fitness or feel self-conscious, on demand gives you a safe space to explore your workout until you feel ready to progress to a livestream or in-studio class. A fantastic way to build confidence.

7. See results

It can be really fun to measure your progress over time when you are able to do the same movements consistently. You’ll really see how much stronger you’re getting!

How to get workouts on demand

MOVE offers a complete solution to keep you moving all year long. There’s something for everyone.

  • Movement Essentials: Getting Started with Pilates is the first step in reaching your movement goals. You’ll get stronger safely, effectively, and efficiently while building healthy habits and consistency into your new fitness routine. All in the comfort of your own home.
  • MOVE On Demand — Purchase your pre-recorded classes and programs and stream your workout whenever and wherever you want. You can watch as many times as you like (it’s all yours).
  • MOVE’s YouTube Channel — Dozens of free videos available to anyone 24/7. Choose one video or mix and match to craft your very own workout from stretching, yoga, Pilates, barre, and more all 10-30 minutes in length. Great for supplementing your in-studio sessions and for extra practice.

Online fitness is here to stay. It’s incredibly convenient and can even connect you to a community of people with similar interests. Whatever fitness path you choose, we hope you’ll keep moving.