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This month, we shine the spotlight on Sarah Cohen, who recently completed the MOVE Wellness Studios Pilates Instructor Training Program. We hope you enjoy getting to know Sarah.

Sarah Cohen Pilates TrainerI love the supportive feeling of being at MOVE Wellness Studios. When I workout, I feel clear minded and more relaxed. My family appreciates it when I work out regularly. I find that a combination of Pilates and walking keeps me feeling great! My favorite Pilates exercise is the Roll Up because you have to use so many muscles in order to do it properly. To me, wellness is the combination of being physically fit, eating well and taking care of yourself emotionally.”

Sarah’s current MOVE Wellness Studios class schedule includes Pilates Reformer on Tuesdays at 8AM at MOVE Wellness Studios’s Westside Studio. She also teaches a Strength & Conditioning class at St. Joe’s Livingston on Thursdays at 11AM and St. Joe’s Brighton on Thursdays at 12:15PM.  She is also available for Pilates private training.  Book online or call us at 734.224.2560.