Teacher Training FAQ


Who can participate in teacher training?

Anyone is welcome to participate as long as they have some experience in the system they want to study. Many of our teacher training students are dancers or athletes, but we also have students who are simply inspired by the positive results they’ve experience and want help others experience the same kind of results.


Where do I find the program schedule and pricing information?

Check our teacher training schedule for current and upcoming courses and pricing information. Please contact us if you don’t see the course you need.

*MOVE also offers private one-on-one certification for courses. Cost is based on the instructor’s hourly rate.


Can I practice teach at MOVE Wellness Studios?

Yes. We are glad to help support trainees in their journey to certification. Students are eligible for discounted practice time at MOVE Wellness Studios, during and after course training.

MOVE also offers trainees the opportunity to join our Apprentice Program after they have completed the Pilates Mat and Pilates Reformer training modules.

If you are interested or have any other teacher training questions, please contact us.


What happens after I finish my training?

We hope trainees will join us in our MOVE Apprentice Program. This program is meant to give you the structure and support you need as you begin your journey as a new trainer. The Apprentice Program includes sessions with a MOVE mentor, access to MOVE clients to train, promotion through MOVE social media and newsletter channels, and opportunities to learn about the logisitics of running a business.

As a certified teacher, you’ll have a lot of options:

  • Open your own studio (or work from your home)
  • Work at an existing fitness or dance studio
  • Teach in a school (public or private)
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