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The Benefits of a Winter Massage

Originally taught and practiced by physicians, massage is regarded as one of the most ancient forms of medicine. The healing nature of massage continues to hold true in the age of scientism of medical drugs. Today, more and more disillusioned health professionals—physical/occupational therapists, chiropractors, DO’s—make inquiries into the healing wisdoms of the past and seek training in various massage and bodywork modalities.  There is growing evidence that therapeutic touch often produces tangible results when other conventional methods fail. Comparing to other medical research, therapeutic touch is starkly underfunded science, yet the data on its practical health benefits continues to mount up. Massage and other bodywork techniques are known to:
  • Alleviate depression and anxiety due to demonstrated release of happy hormones endorphins
  • Improve self-image.
  • Support recovery from psychological stress and trauma – the research program in CranioSacral Therapy launched by Upledger Foundation and The Ricky Williams Foundation has now brought hope to victims of chronic traumatic encephalopathy – the widespread diagnosis among athletes and soldiers that otherwise has no known cure.
  • Ramp up sluggish circulation of blood and lymph, normalizing the blood pressure and eliminating toxins.
  • Enhance digestion and quality of sleep.
  • Boost post-operative recovery and wound healing.
  • Massage and associated neuromuscular techniques are incredibly beneficial for joint health and mobility.
Science is still in the very beginning of uncovering the rationale behind the intuitive wisdom of the many healing practices of the past, including therapeutic touch. In my most recent read, “Human Heart, Cosmic Heart”, the author Thomas Cowan, MD, dismantles the idea of a living heart being a mere blood propulsion system; he calls it a spiritual and energy-giving organ. While explaining the alternative mechanism of blood propulsion, Cowan offers an interesting insight on the benefits of the human touch. According to the author, the propulsion of the blood occurs when positively charged water component of the blood is repelled and advanced towards the heart by the negatively charged hydrophilic surface formed by the blood water on the inner surface of the blood vessels. Walking barefoot on Earth and exposure to sunshine will increase the negative charge of the inner surface of blood vessels and improve blood circulation. What is important to our conversation today is that the third crucial way to increase the negative charge of the inner blood vessels is through human touch. Aging, living without a partner, and the very fact of the hectic pace of the modern life are factors that put us at a risk of upsetting body’s healthful electricity.  During the upcoming winter season, when we are so limited in the ability to walk on Earth with our bare feet or to expose our skin to the sun, give yourself a gift of a regular massage at MOVE Wellness Studios to enhance your health and replenish your energy! –Oksana McGettigan, MS, CMT, NHE, MOVE Wellness Studios Massage Therapist