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Livestream Zumba® classes have arrived! This summer, MOVE Livestream is offering three different levels: a Zumba® class, a Zumba® Gold class, and a Zumba® Gold Chair class. I absolutely love teaching livestream Zumba® classes: Each class feels like a dance party! While you are moving and grooving to fun Latin and World rhythms in a Zumba® Class, you are getting your heart rate up, conditioning your muscles, working on balance and flexibility, and boosting your energy to feel great after each class. And the best part is that previous dance experience is not required. Zumba® classes are great for everybody and every body. 

Choose the class that’s right for you

Zumba® Class

A Zumba® class mixes low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style dance party workout. Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you’ll see why Zumba® Fitness classes are often called exercise in disguise. During a Zumba® class, the instructor typically uses visual cues to show what step is coming next and how many repetitions of each dance move are done. Once you get comfortable with the steps, it’s time to pump it up and get grooving! 

Zumba® Gold

A Zumba® Gold class takes the same Latin and World rhythms and places an emphasis on the low-intensity moves seen in a Zumba® class. This class is designed for active older adults or anyone who is looking for a modified Zumba® class. In a Zumba® Gold class, the instructor will give visual and verbal cues to help participants know what dance move is coming next. We focus on all the elements of fitness: cardiovascular, muscular conditioning, flexibility, and balance. In this class you will be safe to dance, and you will feel good in your own body. 

Zumba® Gold Chair

In a Zumba® Gold Chair class, you are seated in a chair. This is the perfect modification for individuals who want to feel safe while taking class by removing the element of balance from the equation. Bringing in elements of a Zumba® Gold class, this low-intensity class is perfect for working on range of motion, coordination, and muscular conditioning. This class will get you moving and grooving to some fun Zumba® rhythms. 

What do you need for a Zumba® class? 

During your Zumba® class, I recommend wearing comfortable shoes that you can move in and will keep you stable. For a Zumba® and a Zumba® Gold class, you will need an open space with about four steps to the right, four steps to the left, and four steps forward and backwards. If you are interested in taking a Zumba® Gold Chair class, a chair without arms works best to allow your arms full range of motion. And in any Zumba® class, we sweat… so always keep a water bottle nearby. 

What can you expect in a Zumba® class?

The general class structure includes a warmup with step touch, cardio, and toning, core steps and choreography, and a cooldown to bring your heart rate down and stretch. I cannot emphasize enough; you do not need dance experience to take a Zumba® class! If you feel like you don’t have any rhythm you can still show up for yourself and enjoy this dance party… and get a workout in 🙂  

The more you move, the better you feel

Are you nervous about doing the wrong steps? Keep in mind that a Zumba® class is not a dance class. It is not about learning the choreography or doing the right steps. It’s just about moving. I will keep the songs and steps the same from class to class, so every week will feel better as you get more comfortable with the moves. Taking a Zumba® class is, in my opinion, is a great way to feel good in your own body and to groove out all your stress. I can’t wait to see you on the dance floor! 

Livestream Zumba® classes start June 14th. Enjoy a 14 Day free trial of MOVE Livestream and join the dance fitness party this summer.