Sara Schuman

Pilates Trainer

Sara used to be a runner and hiker but became less active because of the increasing demands of work and family life. She became re-acquainted with fitness after a visit to her doctor in 2012. Since then she has lost over 50 lbs and has discovered many fitness options to keep her interested. After discovering how effective HIIT training was for weight loss, she went onto discover Barre and Pilates. Barre was fun and challenging but soon found that Pilates was the most rewarding of challenges. With the encouragement of some of her fitness instructors, she completed the Barre Intensity training and became a certified American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Group Exercise Instructor. She completed the MOVE Wellness Studios Instructor Training for Mat Pilates and is eager to continue her apprentice training here at MOVE Wellness Studios.

What she likes most about Pilates is that the principles apply to any body and can produce real results. Our bodies change from day to day and through the Mind-Body connection emphasized in Pilates, we can better understand what habits have led to that state and how to improve upon them. She has learned much about why certain aches or injuries kept re-occuring and that Pilates can compliment any fitness regimen.

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