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Our fitness classes offer something for everyone right in the heart of Ann Arbor. No matter what your age or ability you’re sure to find a class that suits your lifestyle. Perhaps you want the focused challenge of one of our STOTT PILATES or yoga classes or maybe the high-octane pump of a HIIT class is more your style. Whatever mood you’re in and whatever your end goal you’ll find a class at MOVE that meets your individual needs.

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The following classes are a comprehensive list of our offerings; however, not every one is currently on the schedule. Please check the schedule, and if you are interested in bringing a class back that’s not on there or are interested in scheduling a private group class, please contact us.

Mat Pilates, Barre & Fusion Classes

Using principles of Pilates and yoga, this class will begin seated in a chair and move to standing at the barre, focusing on maintaining mobility and strength while improving balance. Ideal for clients who are looking for a way to prevent injuries and falls or those recovering from injury
Taught by physical therapist and pilates trainer, Julie Simpson, DPT, this STOTT PILATES-based class is designed for those who currently have neck or back pain, have had a history of neck or back pain, or those who are just concerned about injuring themselves when exercising. This class will focus on strengthening and stretching your back, core, and supporting muscles. Your entire spine and supporting muscles will be challenged using bands, balls, toning balls, and BOSU. You will leave this class feeling taller and stronger. One private session or experience with Pilates is recommended.
Spring Wall Pilates classes (sometimes called Tower or Half-cadillac) offer a full-body, invigorating workout in a small group setting for individualized attention and the challenge of an equipment based-workout. If you love Reformer class we know you will love this class too!
In this class you will learn the basic series of exercises upon which the entire Pilates method is built.​ ​Challenge your core, and build balance, function and strength to meet your life with a fit body!
We integrate Pilates props - like weights, toning balls, magic circles, foam rollers and thera bands - into mat exercises and use a variety each class to really mix it up! Feel the proper muscular action in each exercise while challenging your core strength and building deep support for the spine.
Add variety to your Pilates repertoire with this challenging prop class. Utilizing a variety of props we will target the muscles of the core, legs, butt and arms. This truly is a complete body workout that will leave you feeling energized, strong and stretched.
Fire up your core with the addition of weights, bosu and other props to this fast-paced mat class that builds three-dimensional, total-body strength. Proper form is emphasized as are modifications for postural issues.
Take your Pilates practice to a higher level with exercises that will further challenge your core and build strength to meet your life and do what you love. This class uses Pilates progressions and weights to build endurance levels and overall strength.
On Saturdays only, try our signature Mat Pilates class for half-off of our drop-in rate – only $10! It’s teacher’s choice so see what fun they might have in store for you that day – props, weights, power pilates…who knows
Keep the deep support muscles of the body strengthened during your pregnancy using the principles of STOTT Pilates®. Learn how to exercise safely, prevent diastasis recti, relieve common pregnancy aches and pains, prepare your body for labor, delivery and cuddling your new baby.
Using the principles of STOTT Pilates®, reconnect and build the deep support muscles of the body after your pregnancy. Learn how to safely and efficiently increase your strength, and address postural issues so that you can enjoy your time with your little one and get back to all the activities you love.
Developed to create a sound body and mind, Pilates is perfect for both injury prevention and rehabilitation. In this class you will improve your golf swing, improve your form in the weight room, sculpt your abs and loosen tight shoulders and hips. Although men are welcome in all of our classes, this special class is for men only and is designed with men's specific postural needs in mind.
HIIT is designed to get your heart rate pumping, maximize your workout time and boost your resting metabolic rate. It is a high-energy, interval-style, full-body workout combining cardio, weights, abs and more! Our intervals elevate the heart rate using both aerobic and anaerobic zones and increase endurance and strength! Athletic shoes required.
This class will help improve balance and good posture using the basic principles of Pilates to encourage continued functional movement. Safe for clients of all ages with a variety of issues through modifications and support with props.
MOVE’s signature total body workout using the calorie burning principles of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) in four or six, 15 minute intervals will help you achieve that long, lean body of a dancer.

  • The 60 minute format uses the Bosu and light props to get your heart rate up and then switches over to strength training on the TRX. Pilates principles are incorporated throughout to keep the workout efficient and effective. This class is for everyone! Choose your weights and your pace to customize to your level. Athletic shoes required.
STOTT Pilates’ high-energy contribution to the barre class scene so you know it will challenge using proper principles of alignment and muscular action. This fat-burning workout uses ballet barre, light weights and various props while performing small, isometric movements to get your muscles quivering. Each teacher brings their own style and music so try them all.
Our Anatomie Barre creates proper alignment through challenging and fluid choreography, moving through the muscle groups of the body to build long and strong muscles.
Literally translated as “spiral movement,” GYROKINESIS® exercise is a system of continuous, fluid, rhythmic movements which enable the body to create strength, decompression, mobility and stability, as well as opening areas of tension to allow for release and profound change. There are no straight lines in the body, only curves and circles, so there are no straight lines in this system of movement. While many movement systems specifically address only the muscular and skeletal systems, GYROKINESIS® exercise addresses every system of the body. These include the muscular, skeletal, nervous, circulatory, fascial and lymphatic systems. It also stimulates the internal organs and addresses the energetic systems of the body, such as the meridians and chakras. Breath is a major focus of this work, and you’ll learn to use your breath to initiate and support movement, allowing for a new and relaxed patterning to take place in the body.

  • 60 minute format - In this class we’ll take the 60 minute format as a jumping off point to play with various aspects of the GYROKINESIS® material. We’ll release the stress and tension of the week and energize for the weekend. Great for all levels of GYROKINESIS® experience.
  • 90 minute format - This longer format will allow the body to go deeper into the
    movement. We’ll also explore material from other formats, such as those with music, and introduction of more advanced material. Some experience with GYROKINESIS® exercise is helpful, but anyone is welcome to jump in and give it a go!

GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® are registered trademarks of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and are used with their permission


An energizing class which builds strength, heat and focus through a series of flowing sequences involving standing, balancing and seated postures.Modifications and intensifications offered.
This class moves at a slow to moderate pace, introducing traditional yoga concepts in a format that is clear and easy to understand. Practice poses with an emphasis on breathing, physical awareness and relaxation, which will allow you to increase strength & flexibility while relieving stress.
This class takes the principles of Vinyasa but slows it right down, focusing on a deeper, more mindful breath and longer, deeper holds to both build strength and endurance, and cultivate a meditative, more inward-focused practice. Yin and/or restorative postures conclude the class. Modifications and intensifications are offered, making this a multi-level class.

Ballet & Dance

A traditional class taught by our ballerina trainers. For all levels of dancers, movers and those who miss their plies. Wear ballet slippers or socks.
The focus is on the dancer in this class working on building core strength, spinal mobility and flexibility for a dancers body using the principles of pilates. Postural issues are addressed through modifications so the proper functioning of the body is encouraged. Get the training needed to keep your body healthy, strong and injury free. Great for divers, skaters and other athletes.

Equipment Classes

Challenging you at your level of fitness, MOVE’s Reformer class builds on the basic principles of Pilates and adds the spring tension resistance of this most popular piece of Pilates equipment to increase core strengthening, arm and leg strength and toning and to help you develop better posture and muscular balance.
This challenging reformer workout will take the basic principles of Pilates and apply them in the Intermediate Reformer workout. A quick pace and more complex movements are part of this workout, and a solid grasp of the basic principles is recommended before you join in.
A favorite among MOVE clientele, for it’s butt-kicking fusion of TRX and Reformer, this class works your legs, arms, shoulders, back and - of course - core. Hurry up and try this challenging fitness experience that quickly builds cardio and muscular strength!

Specialty Classes

New to yoga or experienced and want to fine tune your poses (asanas). Join us for a five week workshop to learn about proper alignment and modifications. For those new to yoga, this will prepare you to confidently join other classes at MOVE. For those with experience, it will help you deepen your practice. May 11 - June 8. Sundays 1-2pm.
A traditional dance class moving through a typical warm up of the body and spine and exploring movement on different planes of motion. Styled after the teacher’s interests and curiosity and learn some choreography in each class. All levels are welcome. Wear socks or bare feet.
Taught by physical therapist and pilates trainer, Julie Simpson, DPT, this STOTT PILATES-based class is designed for those who currently have neck or back pain, have had a history of neck or back pain, or those who are just concerned about injuring themselves when exercising. This class will focus on strengthening and stretching your back, core, and supporting muscles. Your entire spine and supporting muscles will be challenged using bands, balls, toning balls, and BOSU. You will leave this class feeling taller and stronger. One private session or experience with Pilates is recommended.
With its focus on balance and flexibility, focus and body awareness, Pilates is
a perfect complement to your golf game. The specific exercises you'll learn
in class are designed to combine strength with flexibility so that you
can improve your swing, increase club head speed and get more distance on
the drive
This class provides an opportunity for you to enjoy an interactive yoga class along with your child. Open to children ages 9-13 and their parents, this class will move through a vinyassa flow to help develop focus, strength and flexibility while bonding with your child. The intention is for you and your child to enjoy time together, experience the benefits of yoga and leave feeling replenished and renewed. All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
A GYROKINESIS® class for dancers to support the opening, fluidity, breath support and deep strength needed to enhance performance level.

Our classes are led by experienced and qualified instructors who take genuine pleasure in seeing you improve class by class, week by week. And because our classes are so varied in nature, by combining different types of workouts you’ll be giving your body a complete workout making sure you never get bored.

Whether you want to maintain your current level of fitness, focus on toning, weight loss or work on your postural issues MOVE instructors will help you bring out the best in your body.

The MOVE Difference

Elaine is exceptionally knowledgeable both about the body and the Pilates method. But the highlight of the class is her wonderful sense of humor, which makes the class not just extremely helpful, but a lot of fun.

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