Pilates instructor Laura Tyson comes from quite an awesome background – Wildlife research, group exercise instructor for 22 years, personal trainer – now our newest Pilates trainer. In all of her adventures exists a common theme of life, vitality, the natural and the organic. Above all, her philosophy is simple. Do what you love, keep doing it, and stay strong.

Read Laura’s super motivating perspective on what Pilates can do for your body.

Talk about what this experience has been like – progressing people, getting to work 1:1 vs. teaching in a group setting. What is the value of a private trainer?

Working with clients privately  I have been able to recognize movement patterns that can be embraced and acknowledged. What brings me the greatest joy is hearing a client say they are able to participate in something they previously weren’t able to do. Group classes, going on vacation, climbing the bleachers for a ball game, etc.

My goals for clients have always included  

  1. Being able to do the activities you love (or need) to do
  2. If you fall down (which we will! Tripping over curbs/carpet edges/that crack in the sidewalk) you can get back up because you’re strong enough to
  3. That you can laugh about it (after swallowing your pride) because you’re not injured

Has anything about the human body surprised you, or inspired you since your training?

Not only does Pilates bring joy to your movement – the movements are joyful. The preciseness of Pilates brings an awareness to the body of the correct muscles to engage during movement, therefore the risk of injury is less.  Working with Pilates equipment is a new experience for me. I was familiar with mat Pilates and have found the equipment to be a whole new level of fun!  Literally fun! Stop taking yourself so seriously. Your body was meant to move – enjoy it!

What motivates you to move?

I try to maintain a laid-back attitude to and one reason that is possible is because I have always deeply enjoyed being active, which makes me feel good physically.  Not necessarily the hard-core workouts so popular in mainstream (though I have experienced the love of those workouts!). But when your body moves properly you can participate in those types of workouts with lesser risk of injury. I believe that it’s important to like what you do and that there is no “magic workout”.  If you enjoy what you are doing, you’ll do it again, therefore it works. “Works” means whatever you want it to mean: feel better, look better, etc.

You can book a private session or take a class with Laura HERE.