Private Sessions

Be Fit. Be Well. Be Inspired…Be Personal.

In keeping with MOVE Wellness Studios’ Philosophy, our personal trainers will use their expertise to create a customized Pilates or Gyrotonic-based fitness program for you. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned fitness enthusiast, working with a trainer will help you understand your body so that you can be fit, strong and empowered – and prevent injuries. And if needed, we are happy to work as part of a care team with your medical providers. Hiring a personal trainer has many benefits. Here are just a few:

  • If you’re always able to find an excuse not to exercise, knowing you have a training session scheduled will make you far likelier to go. And once you’re in that routine, it’s less likely you will break it
  • Don’t have previous experience in a fitness studio? We’ll make sure you’re training correctly and maximizing your workout
  • Support when you need it. We all have ‘off’ days but your trainer will always be waiting for you with a smile and some motivating words
  • If you’re an athlete or play sports, your trainer will help you improve your performance
  • If you are recovering from surgery, injury or completing a physical therapy program, a trainer can help you exercise safely. Click here to learn more about the MOVE Transition Program.

Could you benefit from working with a personal trainer? It’s time to take action and find out! Take advantage of our New Client Membership special, which is $99 and includes your Introductory Session, a 30-minute coaching session, and juice or smoothie!