A Custom Exercise Program from MOVE Wellness
If I do too much, I hurt for days; I’m worried that exercise will make it worse.

I had surgery years ago, but now I have to be careful of injuring myself again if I want to work out.

Gyms aren’t for me. I’ve never stuck with an exercise program in my life and I have no idea where to start.

I used to be able to enjoy time with my family, but now I get tired or start aching halfway through the day.

You are not alone! MOVE Wellness Studios is just the place you’ve been looking for. Recommended by the Ann Arbor’s top doctors and physical therapists, MOVE Wellness trainers are your trusted local experts in fitness and wellness. Our MOVE Better, Feel Better program will:

      • Create a customized program so that you can train safely.
      • Help you learn about your body & support your individual needs.
      • Empower you to identify exercises & changes that connect to your long term goals.
      • Build strength to stay energized while doing the things you love.

Four Weeks to Moving Better and Feeling Better

The MOVE Better Feel Better Program is a 4-week plan. Our customized combination of private sessions, reformer classes, group classes and coaching services will help you get stronger in just four weeks. 

Private Sessions

One Weekly Private Session:  Work one-on-one with one of MOVE’s expert trainers during a Pilates or Gyrotonic private session

Reformer Classes

One Weekly Reformer Class: Continue to build strength and flexibility by attending a weekly Group Reformer class, including Gentle Reformer.

Group Classes

MTP Class at State Street Studio

Two Weekly Non-Equipment Classes:  Add variety to your workouts in group classes such as Pilates mat, TRX, Yoga or Barre.

Coaching Sessions

One Weekly Coaching Call: Get support and accountability from a wellness coach who will support you throughout the program.

We believe in you. Let us help you MOVE.

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$450 Each

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See how our client Nili T. went from skeptical to enjoying exercise and living a full energized life.
Why MOVE Wellness Studios? Hear from Co-Founder Elaine Economou to learn more.
We have had many personal training companies want to partner with us over the years but MOVE Wellness Studios is the only one that we felt matched our level of care and service. I trust that our patients will be able to transition beyond Probility to MOVE and continue with them on their path to full health and wellness.
Patrick Hoban, PT, MS, ATC, FF-CIMT

President, Probility Physical Therapy

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Single Payment Option


2-Payment Option

$450 Each
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