Introduce yourself. What is your background? What brought you to MOVE?

Hi there, I’m Colleen! I’m 36 years old and a Michigan native. I’ve lived in Ann Arbor for the past 7.5 years with my 2 cats, 1 dog and my partner, Matthew.  My earlier careers included dental assisting for 9 years total (Hello, back pain and uneven hips!) and a 4 year stint in the Air Force where I also cleaned teeth and guided a squadron of 100 people through their daily Physical Training routine. After the Air Force I worked random jobs (barista, farmhand, more dental assisting, etc.) while I attended school for Exercise Science. I never did finish that degree, but I definitely learned a lot about movement and the human body in my studies. In 2016, I completed my 200 hour training to become a yoga instructor. I was introduced to MOVE by the lovely Sammy Hart (I think you’ve met her!). I applied for a desk position, fell in LOVE with Pilates and completed the MOVE Instructor training. A few years later, I am PMA-certified and going back to school for my degree in Physical Therapy.

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

Most people are surprised when they learn that I am the youngest of 7 children. They are even more surprised when they hear that my mother raised us as a single parent. There is a 13-year difference between me and the oldest. Being the youngest child meant that I had to dig my heels in and find my voice from an early age. My parents and my siblings have been my biggest role models in my life. They have all taught me invaluable lessons about what it means to be an individual in this world and to continuously strive towards my goals.

What about Pilates appeals to you? Why are you drawn to this movement system in particular?

What doesn’t appeal to me?! Pilates is an incredibly functional movement system and really is for every single body out there. As someone who is naturally very flexible and predisposed to joint instability, Pilates has given me the tools to control those ranges of motion. It has given me strength in a way I didn’t think was possible.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone just starting Pilates?

Find a trainer to work with you individually for the first few times. The things you learn in those one-on-one sessions are vital when you step into a group class setting. You will feel more informed, confident and will have a deeper understanding of the Pilates Method. And keep practicing. Every day. Practice makes progress.

“Practice makes progress.” – Colleen

What are you inspired by?

This is going to sound quite egotistical, but I am most inspired by myself. That just goes right against the societal grain, doesn’t it? Hear me out. Why shouldn’t we be our own hero’s? Why shouldn’t we look within to find strength and inspiration? When I pause to think about my 36 years on this planet and everything I have accomplished, I feel pride and determination. When I think about my life – where I came from, what I’ve went through, and all the moments I thought, “I can’t do this anymore”, but pressed on anyway- I feel immensely inspired. Loving ourselves first is the greatest gift we can give to this world. It is my SINCEREST hope that when you reflect on your life and all the incredible things you have accomplished to get here today, that you give credit to the person staring back at you in the mirror. We may all be inspired by the world and the people around us, but in the end, it is YOU that put in the work to make it happen. Acknowledge that and never apologize for it.

It is my SINCEREST hope that when you reflect on your life and all the incredible things you have accomplished to get here today, that you give credit to the person staring back at you in the mirror.

Fun stuff

What is your favorite exercise?

I love any movement that takes me into extension, so Swan is definitely a part of my daily practice. Hip rolls, mermaid, and roll over all feel divine, too.

What is your favorite food?

I love to eat, so it’s really hard for me to choose a favorite, but recently I have been obsessed with the Deluxe Avocado Toast from Joe and Rosie’s coffee shop. Try it! You won’t be disappointed.

What is one conversation in history or now you’d like to eavesdrop on?

Hmm, I guess it’d be interesting to hear what a private session with Mr. Pilates himself would sound like.

Give us a recommendation. Can be anything.

I recommend that everyone live fearlessly and without apology for who they are.

Colleen Rolland PMA®-CPT is a trainer at MOVE Wellness Studios. For questions for Colleen or inquiries about scheduling a private session with her, email office@movewellness.com or call 734.761.2306.

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