After a particularly hard Pilates class where your favorite MOVE trainer made you hold an extra 10 or 20 reps on the hundred (and you’re done cursing their name under your breath,) you may feel like rewarding yourself with a glass of wine afterwards. Well, we have good news for you wine lovers – you can enjoy a glass of wine and know your celebratory glass has some health benefits. Here’s why…


You’ve probably heard that wine has health benefits. A glass of red wine is good for your heart, etc. But did you know that wine (and not just red wine), could have other benefits? Read on to find out why a glass now and again could contribute to your overall wellness.


High in Antioxidants: White wine and red wine are high in phenols and procyanidins, which are a group of chemical compounds that are also antioxidants [1]. The term “antioxidant” is used to describe chemicals that interact with and capture free-radicals. Free radicals are toxic substances that interact adversely with your DNA, fats, and proteins and can exacerbate a number of diseases including cancer. This is why foods that are high in antioxidants (think berries, organic extra-virgin olive oil) are often described as having cancer-fighting properties [2]. Now you can add wine to that list!

Bone Density: Moderate consumption of red wine can also improve bone density. Red wine contains silicon, an underrated trace mineral that benefits humans in a number of ways. Scientists believe silicon works to improve and stabilize the structure of connective tissue in our bodies, including our bones. Adding more silicon can help keep bones functioning optimally. [3]

Prevents against stroke and heart attack: Wine is a natural blood-thinner and so it breaks up blood clots in the blood. This can help prevent strokes and improve blood pressure. Further, John Hopkins University Medical Center discovered that resveratrol, which is found in red grapes, has benefits that are associated with lowering the risk of stroke. [4]


Of course, wine must be consumed moderately to have these benefits. Heavy wine consumption can actually result in increased chance of heart attack and high blood pressure. [2] A diet rich in fruits and vegetables also provides the above health benefits with no associated risks. Please talk with your doctor about what is best for you to achieve your optimal health.  


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