We’re proud to have the most experienced movement trainers, physical therapists, fitness instructors and coaches in Ann Arbor, who will work with you to bring out the very best in your body. MOVE’s trainers are credentialed in their areas of expertise to support your postural issues while continually developing their own learning and knowledge.

We are a passionate and excited team that believes that everyone deserves to feel great in their body. We are committed to helping clients develop a customized fitness and wellness plan so they can do what they love. We’ll even work in partnership with other health experts in your life, including doctors and physical therapists, to ensure your workouts are safe and highly effective.

If you are interested in joining our passionate MOVE team, please visit our MOVE Careers page to learn more.

  • Elaine Economou

    Elaine Economou

    MOVE Co-Founder, President & CEO, Instructor Trainer & Coach

  • Robin Krienke

    Robin Krienke

    MOVE Co-Founder and COO

  • Maureen Gittelman

    Maureen Gittelman

    MOVE Marketing Team & Life Coach

  • Tony Brutz

    Tony Brutz


  • Rochelle Clark

    Rochelle Clark


  • Sarah Cohen

    Sarah Cohen

    Apprentice Trainer

  • Davy Darnton

    Davy Darnton


  • Sammy Hart

    Sammy Hart

    Yoga Instructor

  • Aimee McDonald-Anderson

    Aimee McDonald-Anderson

    Master Trainer

  • Oksana McGettigan

    Oksana McGettigan

    Massage Therapist

  • Michele Meyers

    Michele Meyers


  • Lauren Miller

    Lauren Miller

    Senior Trainer

  • Tricia Newman

    Tricia Newman

    Massage Therapist

  • Kristin Northrop

    Kristin Northrop


  • Whitney O’Keefe

    Whitney O'Keefe

    Yoga Instructor

  • Stephanie Oldre

    Stephanie Oldre

    Apprentice Trainer

  • Connor Otto

    Connor Otto


  • Colleen Rolland

    Colleen Rolland

    Yoga Instructor & Apprentice Trainer

  • Sara Schuman

    Sara Schuman

    Apprentice Trainer

  • Jane Sheets

    Jane Sheets


  • Julie Simpson

    Julie Simpson

    Rehab Trainer

  • Brenda Steiner

    Brenda Steiner


  • Angela Sutcliffe

    Angela Sutcliffe


  • Shannon Walter

    Shannon Walter

    Yoga Instructor

  • Tricia Wise

    Tricia Wise

    Barre Instructor & Apprentice Trainer

The MOVE Difference

My experience of working with all the teachers at MOVE​ was nothing but truly inspiring. The progress that my mind and body would make in such a short time kept me feeling centered and healthy. I’m not a morning person but Aimee and the teachers from MOVE could get me out of bed!